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EAS Mobile and E-mail Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for the EAS Mobile and EAS Email message options?

EAS Mobile and Email are available to current academic credit students, as well as full- and part-time employees and adjunct faculty.    

Will the college or my cell phone company charge me for text message alerts?

There is no charge to sign up to receive text message alerts. Your service provider may charge a fee for delivery of messages based on your current calling plan.

What will the alert system messages tell me?

Message alerts will provide the type of emergency and indicate possible action.

Can I include long distance phone numbers?

Telephone numbers in the United States are accepted. The system will not accommodate international numbers.

Can I register more than one mobile device or e-mail address? 

You can enter up to three different phone numbers (one voice and two text) and one additional email address (emails will automatically be sent to your TTC email address will automatically be subscribed when you register) as your alert profiles.

What if my mobile device is not set up to receive text messages?

If your mobile device is not set up to receive text messages, then you cannot participate in the text message system. Contact your cell phone provider if you are interested in receiving text messages. Some pre-paid cell phones cannot be registered due to limitations of the providersí service. 

What if I donít have a cell phone?

The text message system is one of several ways in which the college will attempt to contact students, employees and the public in the event of a emergency.  See the Emergency Alert System page for other communication methods.

What if my phone number or e-mail address changes?

If you change your cell number, return to the registration page and update your profile information.

Can I change the information in my Emergency Messaging Profile?

You can easily change/remove phone numbers and/or email addresses on the TTC Express "My Emergency Messaging Profile" page.



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