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Emergency Alert System

EAS logoTrident Technical College’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) is used to communicate vital information to academic credit students and employees as quickly as possible before, during and after a campus emergency.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) includes the following notification components:

  1. EAS Mobile: Text and/or voice messages sent to cell/home phones, PDAs, etc. (Students/employees must register to receive messages. See directions below.)
  2. EAS Email: Email alerts sent to email accounts. (Students/employees must register to receive emails. See directions below.)
  3. EAS Campus: Audible and/or text alerts sent to campus telephones located in classrooms, hallways and offices.
  4. EAS Web: Alerts posted on TTC’s website (, TTC's Facebook page and on TTC’s my.tridenttech student e-mail page (
  5. EAS InfoLine: Recorded message alerts accessed by calling 843.574.6262, ext. 9091. A toll-free InfoLine, 877.869.7736, is activated when conditions warrant.
  6. EAS Media: Alerts sent to local media outlets (radio, television, newspaper). 

Important Emergency Alert Registration Information
You must register with the TTC Emergency Alert System to receive timely notification of campus emergencies. The quickest notification method is a text message, so you are strongly encouraged to provide a number for a text (SMS) capable device. At the start of each semester you will be redirected to the EAS registration screen when you check your class schedule in TTC Express to prompt you to register or confirm your contact information.

  • Students and Employee: Click here to go to the login page.
  • Login to, under "TTC Express," click on "Communication" and then "My Emergency Messaging Profile"
  • Enter your contact information and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

There is no charge to subscribe to the Emergency Alert System, but your cell phone provider may charge a fee for delivery of text messages based on your calling plan. This is an optional service that will only be used to advise you of potential, developing, or existing critical emergencies. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about this service.


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