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Cross Registering for EDFS 201 at the College of Charleston

If you have been using the advising worksheets provided on this website or by your academic advisor, you have probably noticed that one of the courses listed, EDFS 201, cannot be found in the Trident Technical College On Course. That's because EDFS 201 is the Introduction To Education course offered by the College of Charleston.

Great news! If you are a TTC student, enrolled full-time, you may cross-register for the EDFS 201 course and take it at the College of Charleston as part of your full-time tuition. In fact, it is very important that you take EDFS 201 before transferring to the College of Charleston. EDFS 201 is the "gateway" course to the other education courses at C of C, so you will not be able to enroll in those courses until you complete EDFS 201.

Instructions for Cross-Registration:

1.  Obtain a Cross-Registration form from your academic advisor, the administrative specialists in 100/111 (Main Campus) or 102 Palmer, or available online at TTC/CofC Cross Registration Form.  You will also need to complete a TTC Formal Financial Aid Consortium Agreement form and submit it, along with the Cross Registration form and official TTC transcript, to the College of Charleston.

2.  Complete the Cross-Registration form and have Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Timothy Brown (Main Campus 100/111); or Jennifer Graham, Academic Program Coordinator (Palmer Campus 102) sign the form.

3.  Take the form to the Registrar's office, obtain the Registrar's signature, and request an official, sealed copy of your TTC transcript. You will need to give the Registrar's office several days to process your request.

4.  Once you have an official, sealed copy of your transcript and your signed, completed Cross-Registration and Financial Aid Consortium Agreement forms, you will need to submit them to the Student Services Coordinator at the College of Charleston North Campus.

The College of Charleston North Campus:    

5300 International Boulevard
Building B, Suite 100
North Charleston, SC 29418
Phone: (843) 953-6684 :: email:


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