Academic and Financial Aid Appeals
Academic and Financial Aid Appeals

 Academic and Financial Aid Appeals

 The Online Appeal System is now open for Fall 2 Classes

Fall 2 Academic and Financial Aid Appeals

Criteria to submit an appeal:  Students enrolled only in Fall 2 classes who did not submit an appeal for Fall 1 and Fall Full.

Last day to appeal for Fall 2 is Tuesday, October 14 by midnight..  Supporting documentation is due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 15.


Students must meet academic and financial aid standards of progress to remain enrolled and/or eligible for financial aid. TTC measures academic and financial aid standards of progress independently of each other and this may result in a student having a different status for each. Before submitting your appeal, confirm that you are appealing the correct status. It is possible for you to receive approval for one appeal type and not the other if you are appealing both your academic and financial aid status.


  • Appeal if your status is “Suspension;” no other status other than suspension requires an appeal.
  • Your academic status depends on both your semester and cumulative GPA.

Financial Aid

  • Appeal if your status is “Probation Ineligible”.
  • Your financial aid status depends on two (2) criteria: 1) Your cumulative and semester GPA and 2) your successful course completion rate during each semester.

Appeal your suspension/probation ineligible status by completing the online appeal form in the student portal and submit printed documentation of the extenuating circumstances causing the poor performance to the locations listed in the next section. This documentation must not only describe the circumstance, but also how you have resolved your extenuating circumstance for future enrollment. A typed statement or printout of the appeal from you is not supporting documentation.

Appeals without documentation receive an automatic denial.

Definition of “Extenuating Circumstance”

The definition of an extenuating circumstance is a sudden, uncontrollable event that adversely affected your academic performance, such as serious illness, natural disaster, divorce, victim of serious crime, religious mission, military duty and mandated work schedule changes. Not included in this definition are issues such as transportation, criminal prosecution, child care issues, roommate problems, problems with faculty, financial struggles, difficult course load, etc. These types of issues are challenges that most students face on a daily basis and are not extenuating or extraordinary.

Examples of acceptable documentation

  • Hospital/medical records (not billing statements)
  • Letter from doctor on letterhead
  • Complete court documents
  • Police reports
  • Funeral bulletins/obituaries/death certificate (should have the relationship noted)
  • Letter from employer on company letterhead (if a mandated work change)

All documentation should include dates of incident, description of issue, clear resolution and signatures where required and match the semesters that caused you to go on academic suspension and/or financial aid probation ineligible. Documents should be delivered to the Registrar’s counter on the main campus or the Admissions/Registrar office at the Berkeley, Palmer or Mount Pleasant campuses. Hand delivery is strongly encouraged, but you may fax documents if necessary to 843-574-6696. Be sure all faxed pages have your student ID# or the last 4 digits of your social security number. You will receive an email in your email account confirming receipt of your documentation.


Important Reminders:

  • The Appeals Committee will not contact anyone to verify your appeal information.
  • Submitting supporting documentation is your responsibility.
  • Appeal decisions will only be sent to your email account.
  • Committee decisions are final and approvals are only for the next semester of enrollment.
  • The committee will review your entire academic and appeal history, not just your most recent term/semester.


The Academic/Financial Aid Appeal system is located in the Student Portal,

    1. For Academic Suspension Appeals: On the TTC Express menu select Academic Profile > Student Appeals.
      For Financial Aid Probation Ineligible Appeals: On the TTC Express menu select Financial Aid > Student Appeals.
    2. Either of these links will take you to both Financial Aid and Academic Appeals.
    3. You will see a description of your status for both Academic Standing and for Financial Aid. Click Submit to continue and enter your appeal(s).
    4. Click here to log in and begin the online appeal process in the Student Portal.


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