Student Appeals and Complaints
Student Appeals and Complaints

There are many ways for TTC students to informally or formally appeal or complain.  The nature of your appeal or complaint determines what type of action you as a student should take.  Many appeals require extenuating circumstances

*Definition of an Extenuating Circumstance*
An extenuating circumstance is an uncontrollable event such as a serious health condition, illness or injury; a traumatic event such as a natural disaster;  divorce, sexual assault; criminal assault; a family emergency; employment changes such as military duty; mandated work schedule changes or involuntary lay-off/unemployment. Not included in this definition are issues such as transportation, roommate problems, incompatibility with faculty, difficult course load, dislike of a course, etc.


Academic Complaints
If you have concerns about a grade, the availability of textbooks, course content, the classroom environment or the instructor, follow the Academic Complaint process in the  Student Handbook , Student Code, Academic Complaints.  You must first attempt to resolve the matter with your instructor.  If the matter cannot be resolved with the instructor, then file an Academic Complaint by Student form with the instructor’s supervisor and academic dean.  The form is also available in all academic division offices and can be submitted to the academic division or faxed to 843.574.6789.

Academic Misconduct

A student placed on suspension or expulsion for academic misconduct (Student Code in Student Handbook) may appeal in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs within two business days after receiving notification of the suspension or expulsion. The fax# for Academic Misconduct Appeals is 843.574.6789. 

Late Withdrawal
If you have an *extenuating circumstance* that prevented your withdrawal from a course(s) by the last date to withdraw during the semester, you can submit a late withdrawal appeal to the academic dean for your program of study.  Go to to print the form and submit to the academic dean or fax to 843.574.6789.        

Academic Suspension
When a student goes on Academic Suspension, the right to appeal exists.  You must complete the on-line Suspension Appeal form and submit appropriate documentation to the Registrar’s Office, Main Campus by the published deadline on the suspension appeal web page each semester.  Documentation to support the on-line appeal form can be faxed to 843.574.6696.



Financial Aid Probation Ineligible
When a student goes on Financial Aid Probation, the right to appeal exists.  You must complete the on-line Probation Appeal form and submit appropriate documentation to the Registrar’s Office on Main Campus by the published deadline for each semester.  Documentation to support your on-line appeal form can be faxed to 843.574.6696.

Financial Aid Probation Ineligible - PACE Progression
Federal regulations require students receiving financial aid to progress toward completing their program(s) of study.  Progression towards completing a program of study is “PACE.”
Students must successfully complete (with a “C” or higher) at least 67% of coursework attempted in their program(s) of study during an academic year. The academic year sequence is fall, spring and summer semesters.  The Financial Aid office measures PACE progression at the end of each summer semester.   Students who do not meet the minimum requirements of PACE progression will lose eligibility for federal financial aid.  To appeal, students must complete the on-line appeal process by the published appeal deadline for the upcoming semester.

Enrollment History
Federal regulations limit the availability of Federal Title IV aid for students with unusual enrollment patterns at multiple institutions. You are notified on your Student Aid Report (SAR) if you meet the unusual enrollment history criteria. The Financial Aid office must review all transcripts from previously attended colleges to assess overall academic progress. Go to > on the TTC Express nav bar,  select Financial Aid > Financial Aid printable forms.

Life Scholarship
A Life Scholarship recipient who did not meet academic requirements to continue receiving the LIFE Scholarship because of an extenuating circumstance may file an appeal by the annual deadline directly to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education at or call 1-877-349-7183 to request an appeal packet.  Students appealing continuance of the Life Scholarship must mail their completed appeal to South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, 1333 Main St, STE 200, Columbia, SC 29201 or fax to 803.737.2297.


Developmental Studies
To request financial aid for developmental studies courses after you already attempted 31 or more hours at TTC, go to > select the Financial Life tab and go to My Financial Aid.  Forms are listed in the right column.
Select ONLINE Forms and submit the Developmental Studies Course Review form.

Special Circumstances for Financial Aid Awards
A student can request consideration for financial aid award adjustments when special circumstances occur that change the financial information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Examples include layoffs and wage/hour reductions, costly medical situations, changes in dependent status, or losing a home to foreclosure.  Complete the Request for Special Circumstances Review form and submit to the Financial Aid office at your campus or fax the completed form to 843.574.6661.

Student Loan Appeal
To appeal the denial of a student loan for reasons other than Financial Aid Suspension, submit a Student Loan Request form and indicate 'appeal' in the drop down menu as the reason.  Go to > on the TTC Express nav bar  select Financial Aid > Financial Aid on-line forms.

Lottery Assistance
If you did not receive the Lottery Tuition Assistance award, but feel you meet all the requirements to receive the LTA award, submit the Lottery Assistance Appeal form on-line. Go to > on the TTC Express nav bar, select Financial Aid > Financial Aid on-line forms.


A student’s residency classification occurs during the admissions process. To appeal residency classification, submit the required Residency Appeal form to  the Admissions Office at any campus or fax to 843.574.6483 or mail to Admissions Office, Main Campus at the TTC mailing address below. 

Sexual Harassment

The College does not tolerate sexual harassment of students or employees. To express any sexual harassment concerns, contact a TTC official in person or by telephone available at

South Carolina Tax Commission Debt Collection

The South Carolina Tax Commission supports state agencies by collecting on delinquent accounts through garnishment of state tax refunds. TTC’s Finance division annually notifies students with delinquent balances by mail and provides instructions in the letter for student appeals to be sent in writing by U.S. mail to the College’s Hearing Officer by 30 day deadline in the Tax Appeal letter. 

Student Discipline

A student placed on suspension or expulsion from TTC may appeal and request a hearing by filing a written appeal within two business days after receiving writen notification from the Vice President for Student Services about the suspension or expulsion.  Students in this situation must submit a written appeal to the Vice President for Student Services Office in person or by fax to 843.820.5026.  See the Student Code in the Student Handbook for additional information.

Student Discrimination Complaints
If a student has concerns about discrimination based on age, gender, color, race, disability or other conditions, preferences or behavior (excluding sexual harassment, which is a separate appeal process) follow the process in the Student Handbook by first attempting to resolve the situation with the faculty or staff member involved.  If the student is unable to resolve the matter with the appropriate TTC employee, the student then has the option of filing a formal complaint with the Vice President for Student Services, either in person or by faxing a written complaint to 843.820.5026.

Extenuating Circumstances – Non Academic

To appeal a TTC policy due to an extenuating circumstance as described at the top of this page, complete the Policy Appeal for Extenuating Circumstances form with relevant documentation and submit to the Registrar’s Office, Main Campus or the Admissions Office at Berkeley and Palmer Campuses or fax to 843.574.6696.  To appeal an academic matter, follow the appropriate academic processes outlined above. 

To mail one of the printable appeal forms:
Trident Technical College, P.O. Box 118067, Charleston, South Carolina 29423-8067 
(include name of TTC office identified in the appropriate appeal summary above)



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