Choosing a major and getting on the right career path can be a overwhelming process. Planning your career path will require that you follow all of the necessary steps involved in the Career Development process. The 4 basic steps are:

  1. Self awareness and assessment
  2. Career awareness and exploration
  3. Career decision making
  4. Career planning  and placement

Working with a career development counselor may be the key to a successful career.

We periodically schedule career development activities, groups, and workshops. If you are undecided about a career and/or major, our presentation about the Career Development Process may be helpful as you define your current place the career development process and create or modify your career goals.

Our services are free and available to the following:

  • Currently enrolled TTC students
  • Recently enrolled students planning to return to college
  • Prospective students
  • Members of the community who are considering a career change

If we are not able to meet your needs, we will make every effort to refer you to another  local community resource.

For assistance in developing job-seeking skills, creating a resume and finding specific jobs, you may wish to contact TTC's Career and Employment Services.