Counseling and Career Development Services offers counseling, assessment and outside referral services to all TTC students who may be affected by alcohol or other drug abuse.

When do alcohol and other drugs become a problem?
The words "use and abuse" can create confusion regarding alcohol and other drug use. Alcohol and other drug use refers to the amount that a student consumes. Alcohol and other drug use can lead to abuse when a student engages in high-risk activities despite repeated negative consequences. Consequences may be include academic, legal, medical, and /or psychological problems.

Our Services

Assessment - A structured interview designed to collect data about substance abuse.
Individual Counseling - Meet with a counselor to explore issues related to alcohol and other drug use.
Presentations - Classroom presentations on alcohol and other drug-related topics.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Education:

Counseling and Career Development Services welcomes all TTC students to our free and anonymous  online screening for depression/anxiety, alcohol, and eating disorders. The screening will allow you to complete a self assessment in the above areas in just a few minutes. If the screening instructs you to seek professional consultation please contact our office at 843-574-6131 to make an appointment.

Online screening tools are available to TTC students through