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Cap & Gown and Announcements



The CAP AND GOWN ORDER FORM is issued by the Registrar's office on Main Campus.  You will need a cap and gown order form issued by the Registrar's office to purchase your cap and gown at the TTC Bookstore on Main Campus.  

  • The DEADLINE for graduates TO ORDER cap and gown is March 2, 2015.   
    If you place your order after the deadline, expect to pay a late fee.
  • All degree, diploma and certificate candidates must wear proper academic regalia purchased from TTC's Main Campus Bookstore. 
  • Graduation announcements can be purchased at the Main Campus Bookstore until March 2, 2015. 
    Announcements will be available early to mid-April for pick-up at the TTC Main Campus Bookstore. 

You must order a cap and gown at the TTC bookstore to confirm your assigned seat at the graduation ceremony.

Payment is required when placing an order.

Graduation is a formal occasion.
Female graduates should wear dark shoes, tea-length dresses or appropriate suits with their caps and gowns. 
Male graduates should wear dark shoes, dark pants, dress shirt and tie. 
Graduation protocol also includes placing tassels on the right front side of the mortar board cap before degrees are conferred. 
Only graduates attired in appropriate academic regalia can participate in the ceremony.

National honor society regalia sanctioned by the TTC Graduation Committee are the only regalia permitted with cap and gowns other than TTC honor graduate medallions. Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Mu Gamma graduates with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA are the only graduates who may wear their organizations' regalia. Phi Theta Kappa members who need stoles should contact Phi Theta Kappa headquarters: phone 1.800.946.9996; website: . Alpha Mu Gamma members should contact their advisors to order regalia.


  1. Get your Cap & Gown Order form from the Registrar's office on Main Campus.
  2. Place your order for your graduation cap/gown in the Main Campus Bookstore before the cap and gown order deadline, March 2.
  3. Graduation announcements may be purchased at the same time you place your cap/gown order.
  4. All graduates participating in the graduation ceremony must wear academic regalia purchased at TTC Bookstore. Payment is required when placing your order. 


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