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Commercial Food Equipment Repair

Contact Tom Iafrate for more information:, 843.574.6758.

Consider taking both Commercial Food Equipment Repair Technician (XACR 508-W03) and Commercial Refrigeration (XACR 507-001) which combines the online technician training program and hands-on commercial refrigeration learning experience.

Commercial Food Equipment Repair Technician NEW! $995

Obtain the knowledge and skills to become a commercial food service equipment technician with this 24-hour online course. It covers a broad range of topics associated with the restaurant industry, including the various types of cooking, holding, refrigeration and ware-washing equipment used in commercial foodservice establishments, as well as topics such as food safety and emerging equipment technologies. It provides the fundamental building blocks needed for a technician to properly troubleshoot and repair commercial food equipment.

Topics include technical theories and principles associated with electricity, gas and steam as they relate to commercial food equipment, as well as the various components and test equipment you’ll work with as a commercial food equipment repair technician. The 24-hour online program consists of two main courses and five exams.  Upon passing the proctored exams, candidates will have the possibility of being interviewed by a Commercial Food Equipment Service Association member company. Course materials included.

You may register for this online course at any time.  Once registration is completed, you will receive further instruction to begin course work.

For additional information about the program, please visit HERE.

XACR 508-W03


Commercial Refrigeration $450

This course is a study of maintenance and repair of commercial refrigeration systems. Topics covered include the troubleshooting and repair of walk-in and reach-in freezers and ice machines.

XACR 507-001 9/27-12/6 S 8 a.m.-noon $450 M


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