Berkeley Campus Kids' College
Berkeley Campus Kids' College

Berkeley Campus At a Glance

June 23-27 Berkeley Campus

8:30AM - 12:00PM

1:00PM - 4:30PM

 3.2.1. Blast Off (7-11)  Crazy Chemistry (7-11)
 Google Apps (11-14)  Super Fun Web Design (11-14)

July 14-18 Berkeley Campus

8:30AM - 12:00PM

1:00PM - 4:30PM

 CSI-Crime Scene Investigation (8-12)  Harry Potter (8-11)
 Jumping into Minecraft (8-11)  Gamestar Mechanic (9-13)


3-2-1 Blast-Off (Ages 7-11)

Are you ready to go on a mission to outer space? Campers wstep into the shoes of a rocket scientist and learn the fundamentals of propulsion and rocket design. Discover the fundamentals involved in launching rockets, and construct and launch your own rockets! Also, learn about the challenges of space travel.

XDKC 505-B01             6/23-27            MTWThF           8:30-noon                     $139     B

Crazy Chemistry (Ages 7-11)

Become a mad science chemist! Discover how chemical reactions are everywhere. Mix, mush and brew together different chemicals to create gooey. Campers will become inventors and see and learn how inventors work and why many inventions are created by accident.

XDKC 502-B01             6/23-27             MTWThF           1-4:30 p.m.                   $139     B

CSI - Crime Scene Investigation (Ages 8-12)

Become a super science sleuth. Have fun learning about forensics, crime scene investigations and crime lab chemistry as you perform as many as 15 different experiments designed to show you just how those tricky cases are solved. Search for the evidence, gather clues and discover how science can help solve a mystery. Campers dust for fingerprints, analyze handwriting, test for blood type using simulated blood, examine hair and clothing fibers, practice chemistry to identify mystery substances and much more. After all that, you can use your new skills to solve crimes of the century.

XDKC 560-B01             7/14-18             MTWThF           8:30 a.m.-noon              $159    B

Gamestar Mechanic (Ages 9-13) NEW!

Gamestar Mechanic is a game and online community that teaches kids how to design their own games. Game design builds systems thinking, 21st century skills, creative problem solving, art and aesthetics, writing and storytelling, and creates a motivation for STEM learning.

XDKC 595-B01             7/14-18             MTWThF           1-4:30 p.m.                   $139     B

Google Applications (Ages 11-14) NEW!

Campers learn how to create "real" houses and buildings using Google's user friendly engineering software, as well as create everything from parts to furniture. You can even modify existing structures or buildings from around the world. Use Google Earth and Google Sky to explore the Earth, moon, Mars, and constellations in the Milky Way. Campers also explore all of the monuments on Earth, the first step on the moon, and the natural structures on Mars from the comfort of their work areas.

XDKC 886-B01             6/23-27             MTWThF           8:30 a.m.-noon              $139     B

Harry Potter (Ages 8-11) NEW!

Join Our magical mystery tour! All aboard for lots of hands-on fun. Join in the escapades of Harry and his friends. Play quidditch, make an edible wand, brew some fantastic potions to drink and make cool crystals. Let's create some amazing chemical reactions and watch a mirage appear. You won't believe it! Wonder where the sorting hat will place you? Join us where the magic of science, art and literature meet. Harry, Ron and Hermoine are waiting for your arrival! Experiment with colored magic sand, see a mysterious glowing ball and more.

XDKC 588-B01             7/14-18             MTWThF           1-4:30 p.m.                   $159     B

Jumping into Minecraft (Ages 8-11) NEW!

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world for entertainment and education. This camp explores the techniques used to excel in the Minecraft game as well as hone the camper's creative skills using the many tools available in the software. Campers focus primarily on how to create and build a functioning community within this educational game.
Prerequisite: basic computer skills in using a mouse and saving files.

XDKC 885-B01              7/14-18             MTWThF           8:30 a.m.-noon              $139     B

Super Fun Web Design (Ages 11-14) NEW!

Have a blast learning coding (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.) to create awesome websites. Learn how to create basic and then more advanced websites near the end of the week as well as fun theme websites. Campers create several websites including favorite cartoon character, favorite food, favorite super hero and favorite video game (or sport).


XDKC 887-B01             6/23-27             MTWThF           1-4:30 p.m.                   $139     B


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