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Digital Photography

Contact: Cindy McGuckin, 843.574.6707,

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Christine DeCocker

Meet your Digital Photography Instructor

Christine DeCocker has been in the field of photography most of her adult life. She is considered a true expert in her field. Chris owns her own photography studio and loves teaching others how to become "picture perfect."  


Digital Photography Certificate

Obtain a certificate as a Digital Photographer by completing the following courses:

  • Digital Photography Demystified
  • Digital Photography Next Steps
  • Digital Photography for the Outdoor Enthusiast 
  • Sizzlin' Photo Enhancements
  • Lightroom

SAVE! Enroll in the entire certification track for ONLY $624!

To register, call 843.574.6152.

Digital Photography for Boomers

Learn how to get the most out of your digital camera. This course covers the basics, plus file structure, resolution, printing, sharing and more. Please bring your camera, instruction book, transfer cables and up to 10 photos for sharing. No books required    

XARV 510-002



10 a.m.-noon



Digital Photography Demystified

So you’ve got your digital camera (or you’ve had it for awhile). You’ve been taking pictures but are still baffled by all of those buttons! Learn the basics, plus file structure, resolution, printing, sharing and more. Please bring your camera, instruction book, transfer cables and up to 10 photos for sharing.  No books required

XARV 501-002



6-9:15 p.m.


Digital Photography Next Steps

Make your photos say "WOW!" Learn easy-to-apply techniques, including framing the picture for good composition; adjusting for lighting conditions; and choosing appropriate resolution, compression and file-forms settings on your camera. Learn about camera features like focus lock, white-balance settings, exposure and shutter controls, flash options, burst mode, self-timer, and multi-shot mode. You also learn techniques for fixing skewed pictures, retouching photos and performing creative edits. No books required

XARV 502-002



6-9:15 p.m.


Digital Photography for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Have a photo adventure in the park! Bring your camera and your best eye. Follow the light and see the detail of what you pass by every day without noticing. Call 843.574.6707 to see where the course will meet. No books required

XARV 503-002



1-4 p.m.



Transform your photo from the camera to your true vision! Lightroom contains the smart tools to make your images stand out. Learn how to manipulate raw data, set your metadata, control exposure, and work with shadows and highlights. Plus, you will learn how to prepare your images for social networking with your personal watermark. No books required

XARV 507-002



6-9:15 p.m.


Sizzlin' Photo Enhancements

Edit and correct your photos. Learn how to manipulate your image with the basic photo tools available in Photoshop. This course includes an introduction to layers and the fundamentals of each tool in the toolbox. Learn how to set up your workspace, make straightforward edits, switch out parts from one photo to another, and more! No books required

XARV 508-002



6-9:15 p.m.



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