Dental Office Professional Program
Dental Office Professional Program

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Career Description
Dental office professionals hold clerical positions in dental offices. They answer telephones, greet patients, update and file patient medical records, fill out insurance forms, handle correspondence, and schedule appointments. Emphasis is placed on interpersonal and skill development in administrative functions such as reception, scheduling, filing, billing, completion of insurance claims, patient relations, dental terminology, communication and familiarization with administrative duties.  

Dental Office Professional Training Program
All courses in the Dental Office Professional curriculum are offered online and can be completed in one term. A certificate of achievement is awarded to individuals who successfully complete the following courses:   

  • Blood-Borne Pathogens and
    HIPAA for Physician and Dental Offices
  • Dental Terminology
  • Dental Billing
  • Dental Office Management

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Online access instructions:

1.  After 2 p.m. on the day the course begins, go to
2.  Click on log in for continuing education students.
3.  Follow the directions.

Courses are listed in recommended order:

HIPAA and Blood-Borne Pathogens

This online course provides information on transmission; exposure; preventing exposure; signs and symptoms of HBV, HCV and HIV; OSHA requirements; and potentially infectious material. It focuses on key concepts and terms of the new HIPAA Privacy Rule and best practices for maintaining patient confidentiality. No books required for this class.

XDAT 501-W02



Dental Terminology

This online course covers word parts, root words, general application, abbreviations and dental terminology. It benefits all clerical dental office staff. Master the dental vocabulary and terms used in dental office careers in this online course. Prerequisite: HIPAA and Blood-Borne Pathogens.  Books not included

XDAT 502-W02



Dental Billing

This online course emphasizes the review of ADA codes, dental terminology, the claims process, the ins and outs of dental coding, and dental documentation and how to interpret it. Prerequisite: Dental Terminology.  Books not included

XDAT 503-W02




Dental Office Management

This online course explores the business of dentistry, communication, clinical records management and administrative duties. Prerequisite: Dental Billing.  Books not included

XDAT 504-W02





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