Coding for Health Care Professionals
Coding for Health Care Professionals

The #1 career pick according to is Medical Billing and Coding! 

Coding for Health Care Professionals

This online coding program is for health care professionals looking to add to their skill set and move into a coding career. Nurses, health care administrators, paramedics and other professionals that have health care knowledge, experience and education can move into this training program and become very marketable. The coding field is growing faster than average due to mandatory electronic health records, health information management changes, and the new Affordable Health Act. 

This program provides the training needed to take the national Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), or the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) certification exam through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). 

Contact for registration, or for information call 843.574.6152.  

Books are available at the College Bookstore on Main Campus, Bldg 950, or you may call 843.574.6120. Click on the Con Ed Textbooks link in the gray panel on the left of this page. Be sure to have your course code and number ready. The Bookstore will ship books to you if you are not in the Charleston area.

Online access instructions:
1. After 2 p.m. on the day the course begins, go to
2. Click on log in for continuing education students.
3. Follow the directions.          

Curriculum for Coding for Health Care Professionals  (If you wish to attempt to test out of Medical Terminology contact linda.fletcher@tridenttech.ed.u  The test cost is $69.) 

Courses must be taken in this order:  You may take the first 3 classes at once, then one class at a time.

  • Introduction to Online Learning (one-week course)
  • Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals
  • Health Care Data Content
  • ICD-9 Coding
  • ICD-10CM/PCS Coding
  • CPT Part I Coding
  • CPT Part II Coding
  • Practicum for Health Care Professionals

It takes self discipline and commitment to study online. In deciding if an online program is right for you, consider the following:

 Can you establish regular study habits daily?
 Can you play an active role in your education?
 Can you work independently on problems?

 Can you learn a great deal with an instructor via email or Skype?
 Do you enjoy reading and participating in online discussions?


Introduction to Online Learning for Health Care Professionals

This course is an introduction to concepts related to hardware and software applications necessary to participate in Continuing Education online health care programs. Students are tested out of Microsoft desktop applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Communicating electronically and searching the Internet are also discussed. This course is a prerequisite for Coding Specialist and Coding for Health Care Professionals programs. Book not required

XCPT 512-W03



Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals

This online course helps you master the medical vocabulary and terms used in allied health, nursing and medical careers. It covers word parts, root words, general application, abbreviations, medical terminology and body systems. It benefits all those in the health care and paramedical fields. Books not included

XAHS 507-W02




Health Care Data Content for Health Care Professionals

Learn generic components of medical record content and the use and structure of health care data, and how it relates to primary and secondary records systems. Legal and ethical issues applicable to health information are also covered. Books not included

XHIM 513-W02




ICD-9 for Health Care Professionals

This course covers the history, uses and format of the diagnostic coding system used by hospitals and physician offices around the world to track diseases. It includes practice to assign straightforward ICD-9 coding scenarios in order for students to have a background in the ICD-9 series. The AHIMA CCA certification exam will continue to test on the ICD-9 series.  Books not included.

XHIM 563-W01




ICD-10 Coding for Health Care Professionals

This course covers ICD-10 coding in complex coding situations and scenarios in the new ICD-10 series. Students will be prepared for the change to ICD10 implementation. The implementation is scheduled to take place in October, 2015. AHIMA CCA certification exam will continue to test on the ICD-9 series. Prerequisites: ICD-9 Coding. Books not included.

XHIM 564-W01




CPT Part 1 for Health Care Professionals

This online course introduces the history, application and format of the uniform language to accurately describe medical, surgical and diagnostic services as set forth by the American Medical Association. It includes practice to assign very basic valid procedural codes.  Books not included

XHIM 518-W01

XHIM 518-W02

XHIM 518-W03



TBA - Fall schedule


CPT Part II for Health Care Professionals

This is a continuation of CPT Coding Part I utilizing higher-level and more complex examples, case studies, records and scenarios of CPT coding. Emphasis is placed on extensive practice to assign valid procedure codes. Prerequisites: CPT Part I. Books not included

XHIM 519-W02

XHIM 519-W03

XHIM 519-W04



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Practicum for Health Care Professionals

Students who have successfully completed all courses in the Coding for Healthcare Professionals curriculum can apply what they have learned at TTC in a real-world setting with this online practicum to hone your coding skills. Books not included

XHIM 520-W02

XHIM 520-W03



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