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Main Campus Map

TTC Main Campus Street Map   
Bldg. 100 - General Education Building
Humanities and Social Sciences
Public Safety
Bldg. 200 - Business Technology Building
Administrative Office Technology
Business Technology
Computer Lab
Community, Family and Child Studies
Law-Related Studies
Bldg. 300 - Math and Science Building
Science and Mathematics
Center for Information Technology Training
Bldg. 400 - Robotics Welding Building
Industrial Technology
Bldg. 410 - Student Center
Business Office
Registrar's Office
Financial Aid
Student Activities
Testing Services
Food Court / Lounge
Bldg. 420 - Orientation Center
Bldg. 430 -Educational Opportunity Center and Scholars Network Building
Bldg. 500 - Communications Technology Building
Visual Arts
Printing Services 
Bldg. 510 - Learning Resources Center
English Department
Bldg. 600 - Facilities Management / Deliveries Building
Bldg. 620 - Horticulture Building
Bldg. 630 - Health Sciences Building
Bldg. 640 - Annex Building
General Classrooms
Bldgs. 700/800 - Industrial and Engineering Technology Building
Engineering Technology
Industrial Technology
Machine Tool Technology Lab
Process Control
Flexible Manufacturing Lab
VETS Center
Bldg. 900 - Administration Building
President's Office
TTC Foundation
Marketing Services
Bldg. 910 - Complex for Economic Development/ Continuing Education Center
Continuing Education Registration
Bldg. 920 - Complex for Economic Development
College Center
Culinary Institute of Charleston
Information Technology Center
The Learning Center
Industrial Maintenance Technology Center
Computer Labs
Bldg. 930 - Basic Construction Trades
Bldg. 940 - North Rivers Commerce Center
Employee Relations
Human Resources
Career and Employment Services
Information Center
Bldg. 950 -Bookstore
Industrial Maintenance Lab
Boeing Charleston Training Center
The InterTech Group Wellness Center
TTC Cafe
Film, Media and Visual Arts
Bldg. 970 - Nursing and Science Building


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