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SECTION 59-111-20. Free tuition for certain veterans' children.

(A) A child of a wartime veteran, upon application to and approval by the South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs, may be admitted to any state-supported college, university, or post high school technical education institution free of tuition so long as his work and conduct is satisfactory to the governing body of the institution, if the veteran was a resident of this State at the time of entry into service and during service or has been a resident of this State for at least one year and still resides in this State or, if the veteran is deceased, resided in this State for one year before his death, and provided the veteran served honorably in a branch of the military service of the United States during a war period, as those periods are defined by Section 101 of Title 38 of the United States Code and:

  1. was killed in action;
  2. died from other causes while in the service;
  3. died of disease or disability resulting from service;
  4. was a prisoner of war as defined by Congress or Presidential proclamation during such war period;
  5. is permanently and totally disabled, as determined by the Veterans Administration from any cause;
  6. has been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor;
  7. is missing in action;
  8. the applicant is the child of a deceased veteran who qualified under items (4) and (5); or
  9. has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in combat."

(B) The provisions of this section apply to a child of a veteran who meets the residency requirements of Chapter 112 of this title, is twenty-six years of age or younger, and is pursuing any type of undergraduate degree.

To Qualify: A child of a wartime veteran must submit a formal application to the South Carolina State Office of Veterans’ Affairs For additional information, contact Trident Technical College's Veterans Assistance office at 843.574.6105 or via email; Nancy Smith at 843.574.6107 or va email

SECTION 59-111-110. Tuition not charged children of firemen, law-enforcement officers and government employees totally disabled or killed in line of duty.

No tuition may be charged for a period of four school years by any state-supported college or university or any state-supported vocational or technical school for children of:

  1. firemen, both regularly employed and members of volunteer organized units, organized rescue squad members, members of the Civil Air Patrol, law enforcement officers, or corrections officers, as defined herein, including reserve and auxiliary units of counties or municipalities who become totally disabled or are killed in the line of duty on or after July 1, 1964;
  2. government employees who become totally disabled or are killed in the line of duty while working on state time on or after July 1, 1996, as a result of a criminal act committed against them which constitutes a felony under the laws of this State.

The tuition authorized to be paid by this section applies only to undergraduate courses or curriculum and may be paid for a period not exceeding four years, regardless of the number of state-supported colleges, universities or state-supported vocational or technical schools the child attends.

To Qualify: The employee/student must request that the employee’s department provide a letter indicating the nature of the disability and the effective date the employee qualified for the disability under this law. In addition, proof or evidence of the death or total disability of the parent of the applicant and such proof or evidence that the injury or death occurred in the line of duty is also required.Contact TTC at for questions.  Before registering, the department’s letter and required proof is to be sent to:

Trident Technical College
Main Campus Business Office
PO Box 118067
Charleston, SC 29423-8067 

SECTION 59-111-320. Persons age sixty and over may attend classes without payment of tuition.

State-supported colleges and universities, and institutions under the jurisdiction of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education, are authorized to permit legal residents of South Carolina who have attained the age of sixty to attend classes for credit or noncredit purposes on a space available basis without the required payment of tuition, if these persons meet admission and other standards deemed appropriate by the college, university, or institution, and if these persons do not receive compensation as full-time employees.

To Qualify: The student must submit a signed certification form in person to the Main Campus Business Office before registering and present his/her driver’s license. Click for the form: Certification for Free Tuition to Senior Citizens form. Contact TTC at for questions.


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