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Refunds and Withdrawal Policies

Have Refund Questions?

When will I receive excess financial aid? How much is my refund? What does the credit shown on Account Activity mean today?

TTC will begin releasing financial aid funds starting September 12 for Fall Full and Fall 1 term classes, after tuition and fees for the semester, book charges and financial aid funds are applied to student accounts. Any remaining credit will be processed as a refund.  A later refund release may take place after Fall 2 term classes begin, depending on your financial aid situation.  We are working on an online tool that will allow you, as well as TTC staff, to estimate your refund amount for each term and hope to have it in place soon.  Currently, you may access student finance information through your portal account.  Drilling down from “Financial Life,” the Payment Information page displays credit information for the entire Fall Semester.  Your actual financial aid will be disbursed by term and depend on the number of hours you are attending.  Also from “Financial Life” on the Account Activity page, you will be able to see your refund as soon as it’s created and how it was paid, for example, by paper check or e-check.


It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop or withdraw from courses. Failure to do so may result in a grade of F on your permanent academic record. A decision not to attend a course does not constitute a withdrawal from it. If you stop attending classes without completing and submitting a withdrawal form to the Registrar's office, you risk harming your academic record with a failing grade. The Withdrawal policy for some programs is more restrictive and will apply to students in those programs. You will be responsible for any outstanding balance on your account.  Refer to the Refund Calendar.

You must withdraw online using or complete a Drop/Add or Withdrawal form and submit it to the Registrar's office at Main campus or to the Admissions office at Palmer or Berkeley campus to receive a refund during the designated refund period. Withdrawals after the prorated refund period are not eligible for refunds. (Failure to attend class is not official notice of withdrawal.)  The refund policy is subject to change without notice. 

Financial aid refunds are made in accordance with federal Title IV regulations. Financial aid recipients please note that if you withdraw completely before 60 percent of the semester has occurred, you may owe money back to the federal government and TTC. If you are receiving federal student aid Title IV funds, you need to discuss course withdrawals and your financial aid status with a member of the Financial Aid staff.

Financial Aid Refunds

Your Federal Direct Loans are disbursed into your student account after the following two conditions are met:

1.   1. You are enrolled at least half time.  This means you are attending or have attended at least 6 credit hours.  
2. Your classes have actually begun and the drop/add period has passed. 

Your enrollment cannot be confirmed until after drop/add of each term.  Financial Aid funds are disbursed to student accounts after drop/add to ensure the most accurate registration status.  Only students that have had their verification completed (if selected) and have resolved any outstanding items with their FAFSA will have funds transferred. *Note: If the FAFSA was filed late or you have any unresolved verification issues, the funds cannot be released.

Starting Fall Semester 2014, there will be two primary disbursements each semester. Dates in the chart below are based on a typical student taking all compressed courses.

Refund Schedule 2014-15


Refunds Begin

How is the Financial Aid Disbursed amount calculated?

Fall 1

Sept 12, 2014

By total hours attempted in Fall 1

Fall 2

Nov. 7, 2014

By total hours attempted in Fall 2




Spring 1

Jan 30, 2015

By total hours attempted in Spring 1

Spring 2

March 27, 2015

By total hours attempted in Spring 2




Summer 1

June 13, 2015

By total hours attempted in Summer 1

Summer 2

July 17, 2015

By total hours attempted in Summer 2

In accordance with TTC Procedure 6-8-1, tuition and fees for the semester are deducted first. If you have a credit balance from your financial aid, you will receive a refund check within 14 days from the date funds are posted to your student account.  You may choose to have the excess funds deposited directly to your own bank account or to have the funds mailed to you as a check.  To add or verify your banking information, log in to your account and add your banking information to your student financial profile. Students not providing banking information will receive a check. Checks will be mailed directly to the student’s current address on file.

 Direct Deposit

Electronic direct deposit is encouraged for student refunds. To have your refund check deposited directly into your bank account, sign up for Electronic Student Refund Checks in TTC Express.  Select "Bank Information for Electronic Student Refund Checks." Enter your bank routing number and your personal bank account number. (Contact your financial institution to be sure you are entering the correct information.) Please allow at least 3 business days for your financial institution to credit your bank account after the College sends out echecks. Please email if you have any questions.

Stop Payment Procedures

Trident Technical College allows 7 business days for a check to be returned to the college or considered lost in the mail before issuing a stop payment on the check.  After the Finance department places the stop payment request, the department allows 3 business days before the check is reissued.  If the 3 business days fall between our normal refund check processing, then the check will not be reissued until the next scheduled refund cycle.  In other words, the College will replace the check in the next refund check cycle, but no earlier than 3 business days after the stop payment is placed. Please email if you have any questions.

Credit Card Refunding

When payment is received by credit card, the system reverts to the original method of payment. Therefore, overpayments will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment within 120 days.  After 120 days, the refund will automatically be set up as a check. 



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