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Transfer to Specific Programs

Students enrolled in a Health Sciences program at another approved, regionally accredited, postsecondary institution who wish to transfer into a Health Sciences program at TTC must meet the following requirements:

1. Meet the Collegeís admission requirements.

2. Meet the Health Sciences programís admission requirements.

3. Submit a letter from the dean or director of the former Health Sciences program that addresses the studentís:
    a. academic standing
    b. clinical standing
    c. eligibility for readmission to that program

4. Meet the Collegeís requirements for 25 percent of the curriculum credit hours completed at TTC.

5. Meet all prerequisite and corequisite courses applicable to the semester for which the student is seeking entry.

6. Laboratory sciences must be taken within five years of the date of entry into the program.

7. If applicable, satisfactorily perform critical skills procedures.

8. Have completed professional courses within three years prior to admission into TTC's program with a minimum grade of C. Once the student is eligible for admission, he/she may request consideration for transfer credit for Health Sciences courses taken within the last three years.

Note: Only students who have no more than one unsuccessful attempt in a Health Science program course considered for admission.


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