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Admission to the Health Sciences Programs
To enter a Health Sciences program you must first complete a Trident Technical College application. You will also need to submit a Health Sciences application. The Health Sciences application is available in the Admissions and Records office (410), the Health Sciences Office (630/206) or online using the Forms option in the left hand frame.

Admission to a Health Sciences program is on a "first-qualified, first-admitted" basis. Applicants who complete the admissions process, but who are not admitted to the current class due to lack of available space, will be admitted to the next available class.

Once admitted to a Health Sciences program, students can change their date of admission only once. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the dean of Health Sciences.

Further information about these requirements may be obtained from the Admissions and Records office, the Student Center (Bldg. 410), or by calling (843) 574-6460. To receive an information packet, call (843) 574-6111.

Criminal Background Checks/Drug Screening
All students applying to programs in the Health Sciences Division are required to have completed a criminal background check and drug screening. Results of the criminal background check and/or drug screening could affect the student's ability to complete required clinical rotations and/or become credentialed. (Conviction of a felony could make a student ineligible to take the licensing exam(s) required by the profession upon graduation. Early notification to the appropriate board is required. Faculty advisors will provide information about this procedure). Only criminal background checks and drug screenings conducted through the College-approved agency will be accepted. Faculty advisors will provide information about the criminal background check and drug screening procedure at the program open advisement session. Criminal background checks must be completed prior to the first day of the entering semester. Drug screenings will be conducted randomly but prior to a clinical rotation.

Readmission to a Program
A student who receives a W, D or F in a required, prerequisite, corequisite, or program professional course will not be continued in a program. The student may request to be considered for readmission; however, readmission is not automatic. Students not continued due to unacceptable academic performance or unprofessional behavior, or who withdraw voluntarily, may be considered for readmission to the same program one time only under the following conditions:

  • Space in the class is available.
  • Must meet the admissions requirements effective for the semester for which they are readmitted.
  • Must meet the specific conditions for readmission set by the Health Sciencs Readmission Committee.
    Note: If more than three years have elapsed since withdrawal from the program, the student must reapply for admission as a new student, and repeat all professional course work. Required laboratory science courses must have been completed within five years of the admission date with a minimum grade of C.

Information concerning readmission may be obtained from the program coordinator of the program of interest.


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