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General Information

health sciences students in labProfessional courses for Health Sciences associate degree programs are offered in sequence and require two years for completion.

The exceptions are the Occupational Therapy Assistant and the Physical Therapist Assistant programs, which take one year to complete. However, all general education courses, other required courses and a humanities elective must be completed as a condition of admission to the Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant programs.

Prior to beginning clinical training, or enrolling in courses requiring personal protective equipment, students must have current CPR certification, medical professional liability (which is included in the College fee) and major medical insurance, a physical examination, all required immunizations and current TB (PPD) test.

Health Sciences students are required to follow stringent safety procedures, including but not limited to, OSHA's Universal Precautions for handling potentially infectious materials.

In most programs, students are required to purchase uniforms, and in some programs the purchase of laboratory supplies and materials is required.

Students will be assigned to off-campus clinics, and must have reliable transportation.


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