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Global Awareness Week

The Americas and Beyond

March 17 - 21, 2014

Remember to get your Passport stamped at the events you attend!

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Calendar of Events

Monday, March 17


Host Instructor


Spanish Pilgrimage

Earl Fitts

Sandy Barboza’s SPA 201 001

MAIN 100/138

9:10 am

Homeland Security

Alan Williams

Barbara Allen’s

ENG 100 011

MAIN 510/130

10:15 am

Pantasia Steel Drum Band

Kimberly Roberts & Others


MAIN 410 Outside

Water Missions Work in Haiti

Andrew Armstrong

Katie Beckham’s SPA 100 P01

PALMER Rm. 108

3:00 pm

Tuesday, March 18


Host Instructor



Unauthorized Immigration: Deportation or Amnesty?

Robert Condy

Pepe Zerda’s PSC 220 001

MAIN 100/146

6:00 pm


Wednesday, March 19


Host Instructor



TTC Travel Abroad: Paris, Rome, and Greece

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards’      ART 107

MAIN 100/163

10:15 am

Cyber Security

M.G. Mitchum

Shawn Livingston’s

CRJ 233 001

MAIN 100/143

10:20 am

Health Expo by Family Dental, Meducare, Atlantic Coast

Massage Therapy, EMT Programs


PALMER Courtyard (weather permitting) or Main Lobby 10:30 – 1:30

The International Roots of Gullah Culture

Sharon Reed


MAIN 920/506



Victoria Washington

*Waiver Required*

MAIN 950/

Wellness Center

10:30 am

A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

Joseph Engel

Community Event

MAIN 920/791 (Former Nursing Auditorium)

11:30 am

Colombian Energy Healing

Patti Newman


MAIN 920/506

1:30 pm


Mary Lou Ippolito

Mary Lou Ippolito’s SPA 101 006

MAIN 100/167

4:00 pm

Spanish Language Film

Note: This Documentary is Rated R

“Narco Cultura” (Narco Culture)

Alpha Mu Gamma

Honor Society

MAIN 100/128

7:30 pm


Thursday, March 20


Host Instructor



Diseases, challenges, cures, and beyond from the Americas

Dr. Kaustubha Qanungo

Dr. Kaustubha Qanungo’s

BIO 225 005

MAIN 970/206

8:00 am

TTC Travel Abroad: Belize, Central America with Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT)

EMT Students Stuart Bost, Brigid Dye, Kyle Meissner, Ian Meyer, Chris Patterson, and Jeremy Sommereldt

Bob Boone and Ted Lee

PALMER Rm. 144

10:30 am

Ireland: “Any man can lose his hat in a fairy wind” or “It’s no use carrying an umbrella if your shoes are leaking!”

Brenda Oxford

Brenda Oxford’s

HIS 101 005

MAIN 300/349

11:30 am

Soccer: There are no rules, only the laws. Get ready for the World Cup!

Bob Correia

Community Event

MAIN 920/735  

1:15 pm


Dr. JoAnne Simson

Robert Rusnak’s

HIS 108 002

MAIN 100/138

3:00 pm

French Language Film

“Joyeux Noël”

(Merry Christmas)

Alpha Mu Gamma

MAIN 100/128

7:30 pm

Native Americans: Overview of Southeastern Culture vs. the Stereotype

Cathy Nelson

Bill McSweeney’s

ENG 101 P05

PALMER Amphitheatre  Room 182

11:30 am

Native Americans: Overview of Southeastern Culture vs. the Stereotype

Cathy Nelson

Bill McSweeney’s ENG 101 P06


3:00 pm


Friday, March 21


Host Instructor



Weather Patterns of the World

Glenn Ivett


MAIN 970/215

9:10 a.m.

“Myth and Reality: Perceptions of American Society” Panel Discussion

International Students

Donald West

MAIN 410/216

11:30 am

Family Friendly Pot Luck Dinner and A Movie


International Education Committee

MAIN 410 Mezzanine

4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

 Voter Registration Drive  N/A  Palmer Campus


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Palmer Department Office Masquerade Contest  N/A  Palmer Campus


Silent Judging Concludes @ 12:00 pm


For more information, contact the International Education Office at 843-574-6457 or


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