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Applying for Graduation

To apply for your associate degree, diploma or certificate, use the graduation application available in the Registrar's office, complete and mail, fax, or bring printable graduation application to Registrar's office or submit the online Graduation Application in You should submit the Graduation Application during the semester prior to program completion. If you plan to participate in the annual graduation ceremony, you must check the appropriate block on the graduation application, and return the application to the Registrars office by the graduation application deadline. You also must purchase a cap and gown from the TTC Bookstore by the established graduation application deadline. Students graduating with multiple programs must select one program to march under in the graduation ceremony.

All financial obligations to the College must be resolved before a degree can be issued.

The graduation ceremony is held at the end of Spring Semester. If you will be completing your course requirements at the end of the Summer Term, you are invited to participate in the ceremony. Diplomas are issued to students approximately four to six weeks after the graduation ceremony and/or the end of the semester. To be eligible to participate in the ceremony, students must submit the graduation application to the Registrar's office during the semester prior to completion or by the designated application deadline.

Students earning more than one degree, diploma or certificate in the same academic year are required to select one program of study for graduation ceremony participation, including honors recognition.

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