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Drop/Add and Withdrawing

You can Drop/Add or formally withdraw on, at the Registrar's office on Main Campus, or Admissions at Palmer, Berkeley, or Mount Pleasant campus offices.

When is Drop/Add?

   Fall and Spring Semester  Summer Semester
 Full Term  First 5 days of classes  First 3 days of class
 Compressed Tersm  First 3 days of classes  First 2 days of classes

How do I Drop/Add?

  • If you are eligible to register online, you may drop, add or withdraw from courses online through
  • If you are not eligible to register online, complete a Drop/Add form and take it either to your advisor or to the Registrar's office at Main campus or at Palmer, Berkeley, or Mount Pleasant Admissions offices during the drop/add period.
  • It is your responsibility to initiate the proper paperwork to drop or withdraw from courses. Failure to attend courses does not constitute proper procedure for dropping or withdrawing from courses. An F will be assigned if you do not drop/withdraw properly. NOTE: Also, if you fail to pay for courses, you will be removed from the course.

Click on Calendars to view drop/add and withdrawal dates.

Military Deployment

Active duty members and reserve members who have been called to active duty of any branch of the U.S. military who have been or are deployed are eligible to withdraw from any or all classes with full tuition reimbursement. Servicemembers who wish to withdraw must provide copies of their orders to the Registrar’s office.  The Registrar’s office will verify that the dates of the deployment conflict with the course schedule. The deployment dates must fall within the start and end dates of the course. Once they have completed this verification, the Registrar’s office will remove the course from the student’s academic record and ensure any tuition charges are reversed

Deployed U.S. military students who do not wish to withdraw from their classes may request a grade of “Incomplete” from the course instructor. If the instructor approves the request, s/he will assign a grade of Incomplete when s/he submits the final grade roster.  Once the student completes all course work, the instructor will submit a final grade for the student. If the instructor does not change the grade, the grade of “Incomplete” will convert automatically to a failing grade of “F” (or “U” for courses using grades of “SC”/”U”) at midterm of the following semester. Instructors have full discretion on the awarding of grades of “Incomplete.”

Refund Policy

Refunds are made according to Trident Technical College policy. You must withdraw online using or complete a Drop/Add or Withdrawal form and submit it to the Registrar's office at Main campus or to the Admissions office at Palmer, Berkeley, or Mount Pleasant campus to receive a refund during the designated refund period. Withdrawals after the prorated refund period are not eligible for refunds. (Failure to attend class is not official notice of withdrawal.) See 2008-2009 Catalog for refund guidelines.

Refunds for canceled courses or courses dropped are processed and mailed to you within three or four weeks after the Drop/Add period. You will forfeit a tuition refund unless you officially drop during the refund period as outlined in On Course.

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