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Academic Suspension Appeals

The suspension appeal process is handled through the office of the Vice President for Student Services.

You will be notified through your student email account of the appeal decision. A copy of the decision is retained in your academic file. Students are placed on academic and financial aid suspension when their academic performance falls below the minimum standards set by the College (cumulative grade point average and/or credit hour completion rate).

Students may appeal their suspension by completing the online appeal form  on the TTC website and submitting printed documentation of the extenuating circumstances causing their poor performance to the Information Counter in the Student Center, Building 410, Main Campus. This explanation and documentation must not only describe the circumstance, but also its resolution for future enrollment.

The appeal form must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. Appeals submitted without appropriate documentation will be denied. Appropriate documentation includes:

  • One page, type-written letter explaining the circumstances and their resolution.
  • Physicians/hospital report detailing the duration and extent of serious health conditions.
  • Police reports and associated documentation.
  • Any other relevant documentation to substantiate the appeal.
  • An extenuating circumstance shall be defined as a situation involving a serious health condition of the student, death or serious health condition of an immediate family member, or a traumatic/extraordinary event. Immediate family must be related to the student or studentís spouse as follows: parents/legal guardians, grandparents, brothers, sisters and children. Relatives outside this definition require additional documentation or a more immediate relationship.

A serious health condition is defined as an illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition that involves:

  • Any period of incapacity or treatment related to inpatient care.
  • Any period of incapacity requiring care by a health care provider resulting in five consecutive absences.
  • Continuing treatment by a health care provider for a chronic or long-term condition that is incurable or so serious that, if not treated, would result in a period of incapacity.

A traumatic/extraordinary event shall be defined as a sudden, uncontrollable event which adversely affects the studentís academic performance, such as natural disaster, divorce, rape, religious mission, military duty and mandated work schedule changes. Not included in this definition are issues such as transportation, roommate problems, problems with faculty, difficult course load, etc.


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