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Academic Fresh Start

Academic Fresh Start is available to you on a one-time basis if you re-enroll at TTC after a period of three years and wish to expunge the previous academic record. To qualify, you must meet specific conditions. (Academic Fresh Start does not apply to financial aid.)

Academic Fresh Start is a procedure which allows forgiveness of a previously earned GPA under certain conditions.


  • Academic Fresh Start is available only to a student upon re-entry (and after the drop/add period) to Trident. This does not affect work either taken at or transferred from another college.
  • Academic Fresh Start is available only once in a student's academic career, and only if a student has not previously been awarded a certificate, diploma or degree from Trident. 
  • At least 3 years must have lapsed between the end of the term in which the student was last in attendance and the term in which the student re-enrolls.
  • The student must apply for Academic Fresh Start prior to his/her final term of enrollment at Trident. 
  • To be eligible for Academic Fresh Start, a student must have attempted at least 24 semester hours at Trident (36 quarter hours), exclusive of withdrawals, prior to re-enrollment; additionally, the studentís cumulative G.P.A. for the work attempted prior to re-enrollment at Trident must have been under 2.0. 
  • The student must meet all requirements for admission to the College and be enrolled in a program of study. 
  • Academic Fresh Start, if granted, applies only to the coursework taken prior to the term of re-enrollment. Academic Fresh Start does not affect the grades earned in the first term of re-enrollment. 

What happens if I get Academic Fresh Start?

If the Academic Fresh Start request is approved, all previous academic work at Trident will be disregarded with respect to graduation requirements at Trident. The prior academic record will remain a part of the student's transcript, but is not carried forward as a part of a new program to which the student is admitted. The transcript will reflect no credits attempted, no credits earned, and no grade points earned. Subsequent college study will be entered in accordance with the current catalog. 

Does Academic Fresh Start affect Financial Aid?

Granting of Academic Fresh Start will not affect or alter a student's access to financial aid or scholarships from any source unless specific governmental or agency laws or regulations prohibit such awards. A student who plans to receive any type of student aid, including veterans benefits, should discuss the impact of Academic Fresh Start on his or her financial resources with the appropriate Student Aid advisor.

How do I apply for Academic Fresh Start?

  • A student who wishes to apply for Academic Fresh Start first schedules a meeting with the Registrar, who determines whether or not the student is eligible. If the student does not meet one or more of the conditions of eligibility, the application is denied. The student may appeal within 10 days to the Assistant Vice President for Instruction, whose decision is final. 
  • If the student is eligible, the Registrar completes the top portion of the Academic Fresh Start Application and verifies on the form that the student is eligible.
  • The Registrar then provides the student with the name and phone number of the appropriate academic Dean and informs the student that the next step in the process is for the student to schedule an appointment with the Dean. 
  • The Registrar forwards to the Dean the studentís Fresh Start Application and a copy of the studentís transcript. 
  • The student meets with the Dean who explains to the student the Academic Fresh Start Program, including ramifications to the studentís transcript, grade point average, and academic progress. 
  • If the student still wishes to request an Academic Fresh Start, he/she checks the appropriate box on the Academic Fresh Start Application, signs it, and dates it. 
  • The Dean approves or disapproves the Application and returns it to the Registrar, who informs the student and distributes copies of the completed form to the student and the appropriate personnel/offices. 
  • If the Dean or Registrar does not approve the Application, the student may appeal within 10 days to the Assistant Vice President for Instruction, whose decision is final.


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