The Challenge

There are many skills that a young person must have in order to be successful in college, skills such as reading comprehension. Oftentimes, students come to college without the proper foundations and, as a result, must take developmental courses in order to successfully progress in the completion of  their degree. These courses add to the workload of the students as well as increase the time and money spent on a college education. All of these factors decrease the likelihood that the student will finish their college education.

Why It Matters

When a student has the requisite skills for college well in hand before they enroll in college, there is an advantage for everyone involved: the student is better prepared and has a higher chance of successfully completing college; the high school reflects student success with overall higher test scores; and the college can invest resources towards classes that focus on more advanced courses. The College Bound/ FIPSE program was created to prepare high school teachers to meet the challenges of preparing students to enter college and increase the success of both the student and the schools.

The Solution

Trident Technical College's College Bound/FIPSE program partnered with five local high schools and three area universities to develop, pilot test, and train teachers and future teachers in the use of reading comprehension strategies that have a documented record of improving students' reading comprehension skills. The curriculum and training that was developed are now available to all middle schools and high schools throughout the United States. The costs involved are minimal and the potential outcomes are tremendous.

The goal of the program was to professionally develop teachers in the use of reading strategies, in either a stand-alone class model or in an integrated model, which translates into students' ability to deepen their reading experience, develop an internal dialog with texts and improve the comprehension of texts that students are asked to read.

Professional development training can be arranged for your faculty by contacting the trainers listed on this website. Additional resources, along with training video instruction can be found under Resources.