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Chefs Council

In June 2005, Trident Technical College President Mary Thornley announced the formation of the Culinary Institute of Charleston's Chefs Council and inducted eight of Charleston's top chefs as founding members. This group of renowned industry leaders served as a guiding force for the formative years of the Culinary Institute of Charleston at Trident Technical College.

Inducted for the vital role they played in shaping the Culinary Institute of Charleston and for their past support of the College's culinary students and programs, the Council's founding members included:



Donald Barickman
Chef Instructor
The Culinary Institute
of Charleston


Brett McKee
Personal Chef
Culinary Consultant

Robert Carter
Carter's Kitchen
Rutledge Cab Co.

Frank McMahon
Hank's Seafood

Mike Lata
The Ordinary
Ken Vedrinski
Trattoria Lucca
Coda Del Pesce

Frank Lee
Maverick Southern Kitchens

Slightly North of Broad

Bob Waggoner
"U Cook with Chef Bob"
"Sing for Your Supper with Bob Waggoner"

James Burns 
Chefs Council Member Emeritus

The Culinary Institute of Charleston encompasses the College's current culinary and hospitality programs, as well as a wide array of new continuing education offerings. The Chefs Council provided insight and vision for the Institute's initial programming and academic offerings. Representing the needs of the industry, the Council reflected a cross-section of Charleston's culinary leaders and served as a link between the College and Greater Charleston's business community.

"These chefs commited their time and resources to making our vision a reality. They were part of a support network of individuals who recognized from the start that the Culinary Institute of Charleston would be vital in producing the qualified and highly skilled workforce required by the growing demands of the food service industry. We felt that it was important to harness their insights and guidance as we moved forward," said Trident Technical College President, Mary Thornley. "I hope our community will see the Chefs Council as more evidence of Trident Technical College's commitment to producing the kind of top-notch culinary professionals that the industry is demanding."


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