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Mentoring and Academic Coaching

A mentor at the Male Leadership Conference


The goal of the mentoring program is to provide support resources outside of the classroom to help students achieve their educational and personal goals, and improve student retention and graduation rates. Students are paired with faculty, staff, and administrators for support while making the transition to college life.The mentoring program offers the following opportunities:

Trident Technical College African American Male Leadership Institute (AAMLI) is committed to developing leadership potential, as well as promoting academic success and personal achievement, among African American males enrolled at TTC. Specifically, AAMLI exists to develop valuable leadership qualities in participants, including personal awareness, self-discipline, accountability and professionalism.

AAMLI Participant Objectives

  • Increase retention and success rates
  • Promote the formation of bonds among AAMLI members
  • Strengthen and develop leadership potential
  • Create and promote networking opportunities
  • Encourage social and financial responsibility
  • Develop effective communications skills

Call Me MISTER  (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) is a program designed to increase the pool of available teachers from a broader, more diverse background, particularly among the State's lowest performing elementary schools.Student participants are largely selected from among under-served, socio-economically disadvantaged, and educationally at-risk communities.To qualify for participation in the Call Me MISTER program at Trident Technical College, students must:

  • Meet admission criteria for Trident Techical College
  • Major in associate in arts or associate in science
  • Enroll in curriculum level courses and maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average
  • Be committed to a teaching career in the South Carolina public school system

The Male Mentoring Progam PDF file is designed to help males transition to college life and maintain a successful attitude in the college environment. The goal of this program is to enhance Trident Technical College's commitment to providing support resources outside of the classroom experience to help male students achieve their educational and personal goals.

The 2014 TTC Male Leadership Conference
This conference for male students is designed to promote academic and personal success and to develop leadership potential of students while at TTC. The conference is sponsored by The Mentoring Programs at TTC which include: Call Me MISTER, Success Now and The M.E.N.S. Program.


Success Now is a program that assists students with making the transition into the college atmosphere by offering support and resources to help them achieve their indicated goals and complete assigned academic course objectives. Success Now is located within The Learning Center, where students will have access to the academic coach and counselor, tutoring assistance, and various academic resources. The academic coach and counselor will help students navigate college life by offering coaching sessions and workshops on topics such as monitoring grades, early academic advising, interpersonal skill building, motivation, and resources for managing finances.

To enroll in Success Now, students must complete the Success Now application form and turn it in at the front desk in The Learning Center, 920/211, or call the academic coach, William Wrighten, at 843-574-6652.

Benefits of Success Now

  • Personalized assistance
  • Higher student satisfaction
  • Greater confidence and motivation to achieve
  • Improved student retention and graduation rates
  • Tutoring services


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