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Learning Assistance Tutoring Information

THE LEARNING CENTER          920/211 Main                 574-6409

The Learning Center division on Main Campus offers an open learning environment and various resources to help all currently enrolled TTC students be academically successful. Services offered within The Learning Center include tutoring for math, reading, and writing; informational handouts; and books, DVDs, videos, and other instructional materials that may be checked out from the front desk with a valid TTC ID card and used within The Learning Center area. Tutoring services offered through The Learning Center are free of charge for all currently enrolled TTC students.

NOTE: Tutor availability varies from semester to semester; check the TTC student portal under the Resources > Tutoring link for current schedules.

                                                                                                 The Learning Center on Main Campus        

Palmer Campus: The Student Success Center (Room 226) on Palmer Campus offers learning assistance in writing, strategic reading, and mathematics to currently enrolled TTC students. The SSC also has a variety of instructor handouts, textbook companions, and video/DVD course lectures. Please call 722-5516 to schedule an appointment with a tutor at Palmer Campus. Tutors are available for drop-in assistance when they donít have scheduled appointments. Visit the Resources>Tutoring link in the TTC student portal for tutor schedules.

Berkeley Campus: Limited tutoring is available at Berkeley Campus. Visit the Resources>Tutoring link in the TTC student portal for tutor schedules and locations.

Mount Pleasant Campus: Limited tutoring is available at Mount Pleasant Campus. Visit the Resources>Tutoring link in the TTC student portal for tutor schedules and locations.

Tutoring options in The Learning Center:

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Math Tutoring:

Face-to-face scheduled appointments: Math tutors offer assistance for developmental, bridge, and many curriculum level math courses.

Drop-in assistance: In The Math Center, tutors help students with all curriculum math classes offered at TTC. The drop-in format allows students to engage in collaborative learning with tutors in a relaxed atmosphere and without a scheduled appointment time.

Online math tutoring: Online tutoring assistance is available for selected MAT courses. For instructions, visit the Resources>Tutoring link in the TTC student portal.

Small group tutoring: Designated times for small group tutoring for specific curriculum level math courses are scheduled each month.  

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Writing Tutoring:                                                                                                

Face-to-face scheduled appointments: Writing tutors help students with writing assignments for all TTC courses. Tutors help students improve their own writing skills; tutors do not write, edit, or proofread papers for students.

Drop-in writing assistance: Specific times are designated for drop-in writing assistance. Drop-in visits are limited to 15 minutes maximum and are first come, first served.

Online writing tutoring: Asynchronous (via email) and synchronous (video conferencing via Skype) writing assistance is available to all currently enrolled TTC students. Instructions for receiving online tutoring assistance are located under the Resources>Tutoring link in the TTC student portal.

Small group workshops: Small group workshops on specific topics pertinent to writing are offered each semester.

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Reading Tutoring:

TLC faculty offer face-to-face tutoring appointments for assistance with RDG classes and curriculum reading.

Tutoring options at Palmer, Berkeley, and Mount Pleasant campuses may differ, depending on tutor availability. Schedules are available under the Resources>Tutoring link in the TTC student portal.

Contact the TLC receptionist at 574-6409 to schedule appointments for tutoring.

Tutoring schedules change each semester; small group and workshop schedules are updated monthly. Visit the Resources>Tutoring link in the TTC student portal for tutoring and workshop schedules each semester.

About Tutoring Appointments:

·                  Students should be currently enrolled in the TTC courses for which they seek tutoring.

·                  Appointments are 30 minutes long and may be scheduled up to 2 weeks in advance.

·                  Students may have a maximum of 2 appointments per week per subject.

·                  If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please contact the TLC receptionist in advance to cancel.

·                  Tutoring is not available during drop/add periods, on weekends and holidays, or at other times the college is closed.                                                                     

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