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Login Instructions

What's my Username?

Your username is normally your first name and your last name, all one word, all lower case. (Ex: susanworks) There are exceptions. If your username is an exception, which means it has up to a five digit number after your name, (Ex: susanworks4572), this number was included in the letter you received from the Admissions Office.Click here if you do not know your username.

You CANNOT change your username.

What's my Password?

Your password is originally set to 'Aa' plus the last 6 digits of your social security number plus '$'. (Ex: Aa123456$) You will be required to change this temporary password the first time you log in.Click here if you do not know your password.

If you still don't know your password, call (843) 574-6999 and select option #2, or You will need your full name and student ID # in order to get assistance.



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