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D2L Community Netiquette Policies

Students in the D2L Community should be:

       Considerate: Treat each other with respect. Take time to read and respond to each other in such a way that a learning environment can continue to develop. Format your post so that everyone can learn from your knowledge, skills and abilities. Share insights that you have experienced from other studentís posts. Using all capital letters when communicating in an online environment is known as shouting . This usage is considered a rude method of communicating. Avoid using all capital letters in your D2L communications

      Encouraging: Not everyone has had previous online experience. Some may spend more time observing (reading other students' postings, remaining invisible for some time) than others. Notice the habits of your students and classmates. Provide encouragement for creative and critical conversation.

      Helpful: Even a well-presented course can create some confusion. It is very easy to lose your place or misread information on certain links or pages. When other students are lost, offer a helping hand by pointing them in the right online direction so they can regain their confidence in online learning.

      Aware: We all have had different life experiences. Be aware that your written word is the only form of communication in an asynchronous (i.e., not face-to-face) learning environment. Use your words carefully. Ask yourself if your comment could possibly be interpreted as insulting, disrespectful, discriminating, mocking, or rude. How would you feel if this comment was directed toward you?

The following behaviors are disruptive to the learning environment and will not be tolerated by the College.  Please review the Student Code in the TTC Student handbook at :

      Flaming: Flaming is the term used for behaving disrespectfully toward others online. This behavior includes, but is not limited to, mocking, shouting, cursing, humiliating and discriminating against someone in the D2L community.

      Disrespect: Impolite and impertinent behavior, such as putting down or cursing your instructor or any student, will not be tolerated. Tone and presentation of your thoughts are very important. If you disagree with a posting or find one to be personally insulting, please find a way to respond politely or contact the instructor.

      Offensiveness: The D2L Community is not the place for graphic terminology, sexual discussions, swearing, or any pornographic resources. Inappropriate language and materials of this nature are inexcusable and constitutes unacceptable behavior.

      Discrimination: Derogatory statements about race, color, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Use of the communication tools in the Collegeís D2L Community for soliciting responses for any other reason than those directly related to the course and its requirements is prohibited. Some examples are promoting business opportunities, sending political messages, sell of goods and spamming in general.


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