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  Presented by the Clemente Players     | Open Seating |     Doors open 1 hour before performance time
A statement from the director:
Come and have great fun for about an hour! As a thespian for half a century, I have no problem saying my philosophy in both writing plays and producing/directing is brief: produce a play that says something worth hearing in a manner worth seeing. Seussodyssey fits both of my requirements. It tells the ancient hero story of perseverance and bravery in a style all ages can enjoy. It also reinforces the thematic component of why theatre is so important to culture as a whole and ours at TTC in particular. All cultures include theatre and ritual because we humans have a built-in desire for community. Furthermore, the Clemente Course (serving the extremely impoverished) is but one example of Trident Technical College’s mission to serve the needs of the community.
So, come out and have some fun for a little more than an hour and every penny you donate goes to the Clemente Course! Cast and crew are from the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community.

Sterett Hall at the Navy Yard
1530 7th Street
N. Charleston, SC  29405

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         Clemente Player in costume                 

Past Performances:

Clemente Player in costume

2012 Clemente Players: "The Warrior's Heart"

Please watch the trailer:


Clemente Players on stage

2011 Clemente Players "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)"


Clemente Players
2010 - Clemente Players - 
Ode to Humptee

2009 Clemente Players
2009 - Clemente Players

2008 Clemente Players
2008 - Clemente Players  -
Dracula Forbidden Fruit
The 2008 Clemente Players raised $8,500 for the Charleston Clemente Course!  Wow!


No Picture
2007 - Clemente Players -
The Canterbury Tales’

2006 Clemente Players
2006 - Clemente Players -
The Good Doctor
The Clemente Players raised $3,500 in its production of Neil Simon's The Good Doctor.  Fun, music, song and food made for a memorable medieval evening in the tavern with Chaucer's pilgrims.  Dr. Sharon Willis, artistic director, and Mr. Kevin Eakes, musical director, have created many suprise additions to the already uproariously funny show. 


Earl Shorris was inspired to begin the Clemente Course after an interview he had with an inmate while researching the causes of poverty.  The inmate stated this after being asked why some people are poor.  She replied, “You’ve got to teach the moral life of downtown to the children.  And the way you do that, Earl, is by taking them downtown to plays, museums, concerts, lectures, where they can learn the moral life of downtown.” 

The Call of Leadership
In response to the statement made by the inmate who inspired the Clemente Course, "You've got to teach the moral life of downtown to the children....taking them to plays, museums, concerts, lectures, where they can learn the moral life of downtown."  Trident Technical College has once again responded to the call of leadership in two-year colleges and reaffirms its missions statement " be a leader among two-year colleges in providing diverse and innovative educational programs and services in a highly technical and competitive global environment."  As well as provide "...lifelong learning opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students.  These opportunities enhance the economic, social and cultural life of the community.  Accessible and responsive to the needs of this multi cultural community."  A theatre production group has been established to include traditional and non-traditional students. 

If you are intersted in becoming a Player, contact Dr. Willis at 843.574.6605 or by email

Dr. Sharon Willis
The Clemente Players is directored by Speech, Foreign Language & Theatre Department's Dr. Sharon Willis.  Dr. Willis states, "There's always been a strong connection between society and theatre historically.  Theatre deals with the human condition.  Society and man create that condition, be it happy, sad, positive, negative, painful, or joyful.  On stage, the audience and players experience the characters' choices, their victories, their failures, but are able to go home after the show and not suffer the consequences of those decisions.  All of mankind can bond through theatre because the art of theatre deals with issues pertinent today, timeless in nature.  The Clemente Players include students, faculty, staff, and community.  I believe that Trident Technical College is truly responding to the 'needs of a multicultural community' in such a way that learning is 'lifelong.'  Enjoyment and fellowship goes a long way in connecting people of all socio-economic levels.  True education always extends past the walls of the classroom.  The Charleston Clemente Course Project and Theatre seek to extend those classroom walls." 


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