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Clemente History
Though new to Trident Technical College (and, indeed to South Carolina) the concept for this project is not new. In 1995 in New York State, an author/educator named Earl Shorris, while doing research on the causes of poverty, asked a woman prison inmate why some people are poor.  She replied, “You’ve got to teach the moral life of downtown to the children.  And the way you do that, Earl, is by taking them downtown to plays, museums, concerts, lectures, where they can learn the moral life of downtown.”  Moved by that woman’s insight, Mr. Shorris started a college-level classical humanities course at Bard College. The student population for the class was made up of homeless people, poor immigrants, ex-convicts, recovering addicts and single mothers.  Over 50% of the students in that first class completed the course, and today the Clemente Course in the Humanities is being offered successfully at approximately 50 sites across the country, including Trident Technical College.


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