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How to Enroll

  Participant Instructions for Participating in the Charleston Clemente Course

1)      Fill out the Trident Technical College (TTC) application.  If you need assistance, you may call  Dr. Kohli @ 720-5713.  The application needs to be received in the Admissions Office at Trident Technical College.

2)      Fill out an application for the Charleston Clemente Course and mail to:

Dr. Mary Ann Kohli (HS-M)
Trident Technical College
Post Office Box 118067
Charleston, SC 29423-8067

3)      Call Dr. Kohli at 720-5713 to discuss the program and set up a personal interview.

4)      In support of the project, TTC has waived fees for testing. You can schedule testing at the Palmer campus. 

Palmer Campus in Downtown Charleston:  (843) 722-5516

Students are required to present an acceptable ID in order to test.  
Acceptable IDs include the following:
                        Driver's license
                        Student ID (ex:  TTC, high school)
                        Military ID


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