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How to Contribute


In each class students are paired with individual mentors who maintain once-a-week contact with the student throughout the semester.  Mentors offer encouragement, help with student assignments, and help with computer usage. If you are interested in being a mentor, call Mary Ann Kohli (720-5713).


Individuals and student organizations are needed to sponsor one or more meals for Clemente students.  Meals will be served each class meeting.  Meals can be made up of such items as sub sandwiches, chips, pizza, vegetable trays, fruit, cookies, soft drinks, etc.

Volunteers are needed to set up for the meals and they are invited to stay and participate in the evening's discussion. If you are interested in sponsoring a meal, call Mary Ann Kohli (720-5713).


To ensure the continuation of Clemente Courses, donations can be made to The Trident Technical College Foundation  and designated for the Clemente Project.

The Trident Techncial College Foundation
P.O. Box 61227
Charleston, SC 29419-1227

Tel. 843.574.6149



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