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AITP Computer Help Available *Expanded Hours*

Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays --  1pm - 3pm -- Building 920 Room 740B 

Tuesday evenings -- 7:30pm - 9pm -- Building 920 Room 740B

Saturday mornings - Tech @ Tech -- 9:00am - 11am -- Building 920 Room 740C

Tutors help with lessons related to computer classes (CPT and IST).  And for any student who is having problems using any of the Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).   Additionally, help is provided using the portal, D2L, and MyITLab software.
Students need to bring their course materiel with them and work on that course work in the Computer Help room.  When they have a software problem, they simply raise their hands and one of our AITP helpers will provide assistance.   If you have any questions or concerns please contact the AITP Student Chapter Advisor, (phone: 843-574-6084).


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