Student Activities
Student Activities

Carnival at TTCInvolvement in Student Activities programs compliments the academic program and enhances your college experience.

Preparing for the future is important, and it's something Student Activities at TTC likes to help you learn to do. There's more to life than the classroom or the job... there's learning to work with people as a group or individually, developing social and professional skills, experiencing new and different cultural events, and getting involved in leisure and recreational events.

Opportunities for personal and professional growth include:
Student Organizations, Student Cabinet, Student Publications, and Student Activities programs.

Get Involved!

Enrich your learning experience by participating in one of 40 TTC student organizations. These organizations offer academic, professional and community activities. Student and organization achievements are recognized annually at the Awards Day Ceremony.

TTC's Awards Program is held at the end of the Spring Semester to recognize both the academic and leadership accomplishments of outstanding students and student organizations.

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Call the Student Activities office at (843) 574-6012 for more information.

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