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5-0-2 Institutional Calendar

PURPOSE: To ensure that the Institutional Calendar is up-to-date. The Institutional Calendar is a weekly calendar of meetings held on the three campuses.

  1. Employees who schedule the use of major meeting rooms are responsible for forwarding the appropriate information to the Marketing Department, which will post it on the Institutional Calendar. This information is due to the Marketing Department no later than 11:00 a.m. Thursday each week before the Monday of electronic posting.
  2. Employees responsible for scheduling room use are as follows: 
    • Director of Instructional Services
    • Berkeley Campus Assistant Director
    • Palmer Campus Director
    • Office Manager for the Complex for Industrial and Economic Development
    • Administrative Assistant to the President
    • Director of Student Activities
  3. The Institutional Calendar will include events, activities and meetings held in the following rooms:
    • General Education Building (Building 100), Main Campus Conference Center and Room 169
    • Student Center (Building 410), Rooms 212, 214, and 216
    • Continuing Education Center (Building 910), Meeting Rooms 1 and 2
    • Palmer Campus, Auditorium and Café
    • Berkeley Campus, Conference Room
  4. Types of meetings or events to be included on the Institutional Calendar are college-wide meetings, meeting or events involving more than one division of the college, and meetings or events involving persons other than TTC’s employees. Excluded from this procedure are academic classes and Continuing Education courses and seminars.
  5. Campus contacts will forward the following information to the Marketing Department when they schedule a meeting.
    • Name or description of the event/activity
    • Date and time
    • Location (building and room)
    • Audiences invited and/or expected to attend
    • Number of expected attendees
    • Name and phone number of college contact
  6. Employees representing offices who may need to support the event/activity, such as Public Safety, Marketing and Facilities Management, should review the Calendar at least once a week. The College's Institutional Calendar is viewable on the College's website under "Calendars

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