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6- 8-0 Refunds Policy
REFUNDS 6-8-0 11-16-99
34 C.F.R. §§600-694  and S.C. Code §59-150-360  


      It is the policy of Trident Technical College to issue a fair and equitable refund of tuition to the student or appropriate sponsoring agency upon the studentís withdrawal from the college, or reduction in enrolled hours below 12 credit hours.

      Every semester the college will review accounts of all Title IV sponsored students who totally withdraw to ensure consistent application of all federal rules and regulations.

    2. TTC publishes the refund schedule for each semester in the master schedule of class and on public college calendars. Refunds for terms that vary in length from the semester term will be in proportion to the semester term refund schedule.  Tuition payments by check are subject to a fourteen-day waiting period. The Finance Department deducts from the refund amount any fees due to the College.



      Veterans eligible under Title 38 of the U.S. Code are processed in accordance with the provision of Title 38.
      1. Associate degree programs: The Finance Department refunds institutional charges to veterans in associate degree programs in accordance with the curriculum refund schedule.
      2. Diploma or certificate programs: The Finance Department refunds institutional charges to veterans who fail to enter, withdraw or are discontinued prior to completion of a course subject to limitations set in V.A. Regulation 14254(C)(13). Refunds from diploma or certificate programs are prorated according to the number of instructional days remaining in the academic term. 

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