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8-10-1 Employee Terminations

PURPOSE: To define the steps of the employee termination process.

Voluntary Termination. A Trident Technical College employee who, for personal or other reasons, wishes to terminate his/her employment, should submit, in writing, notice to the proper authority of his/her intent to resign. While the employee should give as much notice as possible, to allow for proper replacement, TTC requires at least two weeks notice.

Involuntary Termination. All TTC permanent employees are state employees and, as such, are subject to dismissal for a number of reasons. Among these reasons are: (1) unsatisfactory performance evaluation; (2) institutional contingencies such as curtailment or discontinuation of programs and departments, or other conditions requiring reduction of staff; (3) conduct seriously prejudicial to TTC and/or the South Carolina Technical Education System; (4) failure to perform the required duties or failure to perform these duties in an acceptable manner; (5) disclosing confidential information; (6) poor interpersonal relationships; and (7) breach of contract such as negligent class attendance and serious deviation from syllabus. The above reasons for termination are not all inclusive, but indicate representative causes that, with appropriate documentation, will support dismissals.

  1. Upon notification of a pending termination, Human Resources will send to the employee a termination package consisting of the following forms:

    1. Notification of Termination of Employment (T3-71) to be signed by the supervisor, and the employee, and returned to Human Resources immediately.
    2. Termination Questionnaire (T3-44) to be completed and brought to the Exit Interview in Human Resources.
    3. Employee Check-Out Sheet (T3-15) to be signed by each appropriate authority and brought to the exit interview.
    4. Monthly Time Sheet (T5-43) to be completed and signed by the supervisor projecting attendance so that leave accrual can be calculated appropriately.
    5. Leave Transfer Program Donation Request form (T3-90) to be completed if employee is leaving state employment and wishes to donate sick leave.

  2. The Notification of Termination of Employment form (T3-71) will serve as the official record for both voluntary and involuntary terminations.

    1. The completed form must state specifically the reason for termination. For example, if an employee resigns due to a disagreement with supervisor, the form should show that particular reason instead of a general statement such as "working conditions." The Human Resources office uses the information for reporting purposes and the information remains confidential.
    2. If an employee also writes a letter of resignation, the supervisor must forward the letter to the Human Resources office.
    3. An involuntary termination must be supported by additional documentation as determined by the Human Resources Director. Under no circumstances is a supervisor to discharge an employee without the approval of and guidance from both the vice president and the Human Resources Director.
    4. The Notification of Termination form should be signed by the employee, the supervisor, and the vice president only after the employee has completed the reason for termination and the date of termination.

  3. The terminating employee must submit a Monthly Time Sheet showing all annual leave and sick leave taken during the month along with the Termination Questionnaire and Check-Out Sheet at the time of the exit interview in Human Resources.

  4. After completing the necessary forms, the terminating employee must have an exit interview with the Human Resources Benefits Administrator and the Human Resources Director on the final working day. The Benefits Administrator will answer any questions concerning the employee's termination.  The Human Resources Director or designee review the Termination Questionnaire with the employee.

  5. Terminating employees will receive their final paychecks on the next regular payroll date.

  6. If anyone other than the terminating employee will be picking up the final check, the terminating employee must present, in advance, the benefit coordinator with a signed and dated statement authorizing the release of the check.

Updated September 21, 2009


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