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10-2-8 Purchasing Card Program
PURCHASING CARD PROGRAM 10 - 2 - 8 1-10-05

To outline Trident Technical College’s purchasing card program guidelines regarding cardholder eligibility, record retention, restrictions and limitations.


    The College issues purchasing cards to individuals only, in the individual’s name.  The College will issue only one purchasing card in an individual’s name. Purchasing cards will not be transferable between individuals. There will be no departmental cards.

    Criteria to receive the College purchasing card are as follows:

    1. The applicant must be a permanent employee of the College.
    2. The applicant’s dean or director and vice president should approve the request for a purchasing card.
    3. The applicant must attend a training session before the purchasing card coordinator will issue a purchasing card.
    4. Each individual cardholder must sign a Cardholder Agreement in the presence of the College purchasing card coordinator before he/she will issue the purchasing card.
    5. Any exceptions to these criteria must be approved by the proposed cardholder’s vice president.

    1. The employee submits a request for a College purchasing card to his/her dean or director.
    2. The dean or director forwards the request to the appropriate vice president.
    3. Upon approval from the vice president, the dean or director sends the approved request to the Purchasing Card Coordinator, provides the Purchasing Card Coordinator the names of the departmental approver and the departmental liaison, and assigns the default account number for each purchasing card.
    4. The purchasing card coordinator submits the request to the issuing financial institution.
    5. Upon receipt of the purchasing card from the issuing financial institution, the College purchasing card coordinator must conduct a training session with the cardholder before issuing the card.
    6. The cardholder must sign a Cardholder Agreement signifying agreement with the terms of the purchasing card program before receiving the purchasing card.

    The College spending parameters for each purchasing card issued are set at $500 per transaction with a maximum of $5,000 per month per card. The College will adjust limits as appropriate, upon the approval of the budget administrator and the vice president.

    The cardholder should only use the purchasing card for authorized College purchases. The purchasing card may not be used for travel, registration fees, entertainment, cash, professional services, and other categories as included in the Blocked Vendor list included in the cardholder manual. The purchasing card coordinator may unblock vendors as appropriate to meet the needs of the department.

    The purchasing card may not be used for the purchase of office supplies other than through the College's prime vendor contract unless authorized by the Purchasing Card Coordinator.

    In addition, the purchasing card must not be used for the purchase of computer hardware and software, chemicals or hazardous materials, and any items listed under "Restrictions" in the College’s Petty Cash Procedure 6-1-3. (Information Technology personnel are exempt from the restriction on computer hardware and software purchases.)

    Cardholders may purchase State Contract items from state contract vendors using the purchasing card. However, cardholders may not purchase state contract items from non-contract vendors. Cardholders can access SC State contracts via the Internet.

    Violations of the Purchasing Card Procedures will most likely result in revocation of use privileges and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.  Employees who are found to have inappropriately used the purchasing card will be required to reimburse Trident Technical College for all costs associated with such improper use.

    Requests for exceptions to this procedure must be submitted in writing to the cardholder’s budget administrator.  The request must be approved by the budget administrator, the vice president, and forwarded to the Purchasing Card Coordinator before the exception becomes effective.

    1. Temporary Closing

      In the event that a purchasing card account must be closed, the College Purchasing Card Coordinator will submit a request to the issuing financial institution to close the cardholder's account. If a plastic card exists for the purchasing card account being closed, the cardholder must return it to the Purchasing Card Coordinator immediately. The College’s Purchasing Card Coordinator may temporarily close a purchasing card account:

      1. when the cardholder or the account is subject to an investigation or audit,
      2. when the cardholder is on leave for 30 working days or more,
      3. when the cardholder is on disciplinary suspension.
    2. Permanent Closing

      The College purchasing card coordinator may permanently close an account if a cardholder:

      1. transfers to a different College department,
      2. moves to a different job in which a purchasing card is not required,
      3. terminates College employment,
      4. uses the purchasing card for personal or unauthorized purposes as described in the Purchasing Cardholder’s Manual. Unauthorized purchasing card transactions include, but are not limited to, the following reasons:

        1. The cardholder purchases alcoholic beverages or any substance, material, or service that violates College policies or procedures, or South Carolina laws or regulations.
        2. The cardholder allows another individual to use his/her card.
        3. The cardholder splits a purchase to circumvent the limitations of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code (i.e., obtains more than one receipt from the same vendor at the same time).
        4. The cardholder uses another cardholder’s card to circumvent the purchase limit assigned to either cardholder or the limitations of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.
        5. The cardholder fails to provide departmental liaison with required receipts.
        6. The cardholder fails to provide, when requested, information about any specific purchase.
        7. The cardholder does not adhere to the purchasing card policies and procedures.

    Additionally, if the cardholder uses the purchasing card for personal or unauthorized purposes as described in the cardholder’s manual, the cardholder may also be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with College Policies and Procedures relating to disciplinary action and termination.



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