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Section 13: Academic Affairs
If you have questions about Section 13 policies and procedures, contact the Assistant Vice President for Academic Programs.

13-0-1    Curriculum Course Schedule, Preparation of 
13-0-2    Course Syllabi and Addenda
13-0-3    New Curriculum Program Development
13-0-6    Grade Reports and Transcripts
13-0-8    Full-time Faculty Workload/Overload
13-0-9    Curriculum Content Changes
13-0-10  Closing Academic Programs 
13-1-1    Live Work Projects
13-3-0    Academic Advisory Committees Policy     
13-3-1    Academic Advisory Committees
13-4-1    Articulation 
13-5-1    Audiovisual Production Request
13-5-2    Audiovisual Equipment
13-6-1    Student Intellectual Property Rights
13-7-0    Education Abroad Policy
13-7-1    Education Abroad
13-8-0    Institutional Review Board Policy
13-8-1    Institutional Review Board


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