Student Services
Section 17: Student Services
If you have questions about Section 17 policies or procedures, contact the Assistant Vice President for Student Services.

17-1-1    Job Referrals
17-2-1    Student Publication Board 
17-2-2    Student Cabinet 
17-2-3    Student Recognition Societies 
17-2-4    Concerts on Campus 
17-2-5    Responsibility for Administering Student Activities Programs 
17-3-0    Non-Discrimination of Students With Disabilities
17-3-1    Due Process, Student Disciplinary Procedure and Sanctions 
17-3-2    Student Discrimination Complaints 
17-3-3    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Students
17-4-0    Student Aid Policy
17-4-1    Deferred Payment of Tuition and Fees 
17-4-2    VA Vocational Rehabilitation 
17-4-3    Institutional Work Study 
17-4-4    Attendance Policy, Conduct and Standards of Progress for Veteran and International Students
17-5-1    Provision for Counseling and Career Development Services


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