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Work Study Employment


Two types of work-study employment are available for students: Federal Work-Study and Institutional Work-Study. The federal program is based on financial eligibility determined from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and is funded through an annual allocation of aid from the U.S. Department of Education. Institutional work-study is funded by TTC with limited availability. Work-study is designed to assist the workforce needs of the college and other agencies while giving the student work experience, job application experience, and networking opportunities.

Work-study positions are based on available funding.  While we attempt to assist all students who desire to work in the program, demand may exceed the possible opportunities. Please do not assume that applying for a position constitutes a guarantee of placement.

To be eligible for work-study students must:

  1. Maintain a 2.0 GPA. (unless this is your first semester)
  2. Be enrolled in and maintain at least half-time status (6 credit hours) for the semester
  3. Make satisfactory academic progress (not on probation-ineligble)
  4. Any student granted an off-campus position will be required to pass a criminal background check (effective summer 2013).

*Additionally, federal work-study students must have been awarded FWS as part of their financial aid awards. If you do not have this award in your financial aid award package, you must contact the financial aid office to verify eligibility.

Work-study students may work up to 20 hours per week outside of their scheduled class time. Federal work-study hours are also limited by their financial award. Students may work between terms provided they have registered for the following term. 

How to apply for a work-study position for the 2014-2015 academic year

To apply for a federal work-study position:

  1. Select the option for Federal Work-Study on your 2014-2015 FAFSA
  2. Students whose FAFSA is received by July 14, 2014, and requested work-study, will have first priority on positions for the fall semester, but program funding dictates how many students may be employed
  3. Complete the Work-Study Eligibility Form form and submit to Student Employment in building 940 suite D 
  4. Create an account on Career Connection
  5. Create and/or upload a current resume to your Career Connection account
  6. Search for work-study positions under the "jobs" tab
  7. Apply on-line through the Career Connection system for postitions that interest you
  8. Supervisors will contact you directly to schedule an interview for possible placement

To apply for an institutional work-study position:

  1. Complete the Work-Study Eligibility Form form and submit to Student Employment in building 940 suite D
  2. Create an account on Career Connection
  3. Create and/or upload a current resume to your Career Connection account
  4. Search for work-study positions identified as "institutional" under the jobs tab
  5. Apply on-line with your resume and the supervisor will contact you if you are eligible

For more information please refer to the work-study handbook on this site or contact our office at 843-574-6119.

Student Forms  and Information                        Supervisor Forms and Information
Work-Study Eligibility Form                                Supervisor Training   
Work-Study Handbook                                        Confidentiality Statement 
Work-Study Orientation                                      I-9 Form
OSHACompliance Training                                 W-4 Form 
(Fire Evacution/Emergency Plan)                           Federal Work-Study Pay Rate Authorization
                                                                           Work-Study Handbook  




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