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Check Requests

Budget Administrators may use a Check Request (TTC Form T3-50) to authorize payment for items that are not required to be purchased through Procurement.  The table below outlines examples of the types of charges for which a Check Request may be used.  Check Request approvals should be consistent with the Datatel requisition approval authority.  The check request form is available in Portico.  


 Appropriate Uses  Inappropriate Uses
 Student stipends
 Registration fees for conferences
 Subscriptions for periodicals
 Petty cash replenishment
 Grant related student travel advances
 Continuing education instructors
 Academic accreditation fees
 Employee travel reimbursements
 Payments to consultants
 Prepayments or deposits


What to use when a Check Request is inappropriate...

  • Reimburse travel expenses secure the appropriate approvals and submit a Travel Authorization (TTC Form T3-92) prior to participating and subsequently a Travel Reimbursement form (TTC Form T3-89).  Original receipts must be provided.  Click Travel & Memberships for more information.
  • Invoices use a requisition (prior to placing order) through the Datatel Colleague Finance system.
  • Payments to consultants - use a requisition (prior to placing order) through the Datatel Colleague Finance system and secure appropriate approvals.  Refer to TTC Procedure 10-2-7, "Consultant Services." 
  • Prepayments use a procurement card where it is not restricted otherwise use a requisition.
  • Memberships - submit an Application for Participation in Institutional Memberships (TTC Form T2-3).  Click Travel & Memberships for more information.  Refer to TTC Procedure 6-1-2, " ."



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