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If you wish to attend a class but do not wish to receive a grade or college credit or take final examinations, you may register as an audit student.

Can I change from audit to credit status?

You can change your status from audit to credit, or from credit to audit, before the end of the drop/add period.

If I audit a class do I pay tuition?

If you are an audit student you must pay full tuition for courses.

How many times can I audit a class?

You may audit an individual course only one time. Exceptions must be approved by the vice president for Academic Affairs.

Can I audit any class?

Some courses cannot be audited, and some may have special requirements. Contact the appropriate academic department head or dean for more information.

Are there prerequisites for audited classes?

You must get departmental approval to audit courses with prerequisite or corequisite courses or skill requirements if your TTC records do not show that you have met the prerequisites or other requirements. You may be asked to provide evidence of prerequisites or skill requirements such as transcripts, grade reports or test scores.


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