Payment Methods
Payment Methods

Credit Cards
You can use VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express in the Business offices and bookstores on all four TTC campuses and with TTC Express in the portal.  When paying by credit card in person, you must present a valid picture ID and your name must be on the credit card.

Be sure to include on the back of the check: your full name, student ID number and driver’s license number.  When paying by check, you must present a picture ID.   

Financial Aid
• You will receive an award letter through your student email account for any financial aid that you are eligible to receive.  The award is based on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted if you enroll in fewer than 12 hours.  Your awards may cover all or a portion of your tuition costs. You will be issued a payment approximately four to six weeks after Drop/Add for any excess amount.
• If your financial aid does not cover all of your tuition, you must pay the difference by the registration payment deadline.
• If you are receiving veterans’ benefits, turn in the yellow copy of your registration form at the VA office after registering.


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