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Why should I want to be an Automotive Technician?
An abundance of employment opportunities are available in the local area.  The job duties are challenging and ever changing.  Good wages will increase according to skills and knowledge development rather than time on the job.  Those who qualify will have excellent advancement potential into management.  You can work without immediate supervision and make your own decisions.
How long will it take to complete the program?
The AOT degree program takes two years in the day program and four  years in the evening program.  The certificate program takes one year during the day and two years in the evening.
How much will it cost to enter the program?
Check here for tuition and fees.
Is financial assistance available?
See Trident's Financial Aid information page.
How do I get an application?
You can print this application form, fill it out, and then mail or Fax it to TTC.
When should I apply to the college?
Go to the Academic Calendar and choose the term for which you want to apply.
Can I talk to a counselor prior to enrollment in the Automotive Program?
Yes, Counseling and Career Development services are available on each campus.  See TTC's Counseling and Career Development Services for more information.
Can I visit and tour the Automotive Department?
Yes.  Call one of the faculty for an appointment.
Where is the TTC Automotive Program located?
Trident's main campus is located at 7000 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, S.C.  The automotive program is in Building 800.
Is a map of the campus available?
Main Campus Map.
Can I work on my own car?
Yes, as long as the work supports the area related to the course.  The instructor will select projects.
Where can I find a job after graduation?
You can check the current job listing in the Student Employment Services department.
Do I have to have my own tools to take Automotive courses?
Technicians are expected to supply their own tools.  Here is a list of suggested tools.
Can I start any time?
The program accepts new students in the fall but other starting options are available.
Are classes offered every semester?
Yes.  Link below to TTC Home to view.
How much can I make as a technician?
Check the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website for information.


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