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Draw Yourself a Future
Draw yourself a new future and add a good starting salary, growing career opportunities and excellent working conditions to the picture. What do you see? A future in Engineering Design Graphics.
Almost every construction project or manufacturing process begins as a drawing. Design graphics technicians produce the drawings that become the objects and buildings around us. They may produce layout, detail, electronic/electrical, mechanical assembly, arrangement, installation, schematic, piping, machine tool, patent, or working drawings for architecture, engineering or industry. Most design graphic technicians today use both computer aided drafting (CAD) and manual freehand drawing, both of which are built into TTC's curriculum.

Job Opportunities
Design graphics technicians have a broad range of career areas from which to choose: architecture, manufacturing, engineering, construction, government, and other users of graphic communication. As jobs vary, so do working environments. Most design graphics technicians spend their time indoors at a computer work station. If site investigation or verification is a responsibility, the design graphics technicians spend time outdoors or in a manufacturing plant.
The employment outlook for design graphics technicians is excellent. As the coastal region of South Carolina grows, employment opportunities for design graphics technicians should continue to increase. Nationally, as long as drawings are needed as a guide for manfacturing products and for building there will be a growing need for graphic design technicians. Some potential employers include Studio Architects, O'Neals Inc., Cummings and McCrady, Withers Industries, Tracor Applied Sciences Inc., Bereyni Associates, Milcom and Santee Cooper.

TTC's Engineering Design Graphics Programs
Trident Technical College's Engineering Design Graphics programs give you the education you need to get your career started.

The College's General Technology program prepares you to be a technician possessing the general education and technical skills to become a supervisor or manager in the industry. Graduates receive an associate degree in occupational technology with a career path in Engineerings Design Graphics.

TTC also offers a 32-hour certificate program in Engineering Design Graphics. Courses in this certificate are offered during the day. This curriculum requires several courses in computer graphics using the latest software. Students work in well-equipped computer drafting labs on projects from real life drafting situations. Graduates typically obtain jobs in architectural, electrical, mechanical, marine, civil, or electronic drafting.

Computer Aided Design Certificates
Your Engineering Design Graphics education may be extended with TTC's Computer Aided Design I and II certificates. Computer Aided Design I introduces the computer and how it can be used to generate engineering drawings. Freehand drawings, operating systems and basic 2D CAD are covered. Computer Aided Design II covers advanced skills used to generate 3D CAD drawings. The curriculum courses include surface modeling, solid modeling and feature based modeling. Both certificates are taught using the most popular software in computer drafting: AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Inventor.

Architectural Design Graphics Certificates
Your Engineering Design Graphics education may be extended with TTC's Architectural Design Graphics I and II certificates. Architectural Design Graphics I introduces the computer and how it can be used to generate architectural drawings. Freehand drawings, operating systems and basic CAD are covered. Architectural Design Graphics II covers advanced skills used to generate 2D/3D CAD drawings and animations. Software utilized in this certificate includes: AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop and MicroStation.

Admission to the Program?
Don't wait. You can be drawing a new future for yourself.

The first step to enter TTC is to complete an application. Call TTC's Admissions and Records office at (843) 574-6111 or visit the Admissions-Registration web page to receive an application and for information on application deadlines. If you are applying for an associate degree, you must forward to the Admissions and Records office a copy of your high school diploma or GED. You also will need to submit qualifying scores from the SAT (College Board), ACT or TTC's placement test. You may schedule a placement test by calling Testing Services on Main Campus at (843) 574-6410, Palmer Campus at (843) 722-5516 or Berkeley Campus at (843) 899-8079. Requirements for certificates may vary.
Applicants transferring to TTC may not have to submit test scores if they have earned equivalent English and Math credit hours from an approved, regionally accredited postsecondary institution and official transcripts are on file.
If you have military training that may qualify for credit, submit a completed form DD-295. This form is available from most military educational counselors.

Associate Degrees 

Engineering Design Graphics


Architectural Design Graphics I

Architectural Design Graphics II

Computer Aided Design I

Computer Aided Design II

Engineering Design Graphics

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Architectural Design Graphics I Certificate

Engineering Design Graphics Certificate


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