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Q.  What type of calculator do I need to purchase?
A.  Students in the the EET program need to purchase a scientific/engineering calculator that has the ability to handle complex numbers, does rectangular to polar and polar to rectangular conversions and can do matrix mathmatical calculations. Examples of such a calculator are the TI 85 and 86 graphing calculators.

Q. Do I have to purchase electronic parts for any of my EET classes?
A. For EET 145 a parts kit is required and can be purchased at the bookstore.

Q. Do I have to build any electronics projects in my EET classes?
A. Yes, most EET classes have an accompaning lab component where you build, test and troubleshoot electrical and electronic circuits.
A student enrolled in EET 273, Senior Project, is expected to design and build an instructor approved electronics project. It is the responsiblity of the student to purchase all the materials necessary for completion of this project .

Q. Do I have to purchase any software ?
A. Software to write reports is installed on all computers in all the computer labs at Trident Technical College. Software required for EET class projects is provided and available in the computer labs in the electronics labs. 

Q. Is there a specical format for Course and Laboratory work submissions?
A. Yes there is. It can be found in the Student Handbook for Course and Laboratory Work


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