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Composite Course

Our advanced composite class runs for seven days and is a part of our ACM135 course. The students work with epoxy resin, honeycomb core, and woven cloth made from Kevlar and fiberglass.


Each student makes a composite panel of honeycomb core with a stiff Kevlar or fiberglass outer shell. The instructor then damages the panel and the students do repairs using the "wet lay-up" process. Vacuum bagging is used to apply heat and pressure to speed up and strengthen the cure.


Students are shown using a hot bonder unit to apply the required vacuum and heat to their composite panels.


More vacuum bagging.


The rest of the time in ACM 135 is spent learning how to work with sheet metal. Our students learn how to drill, countersink, form, and join sheet metal using various riveting techniques. In this photo, the students are putting what they learned to practical use by doing a repair on a Cessna 310G engine cowling access door.




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